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    Greetings from Scranton, PA!

    Welcome from So Cal
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    Roof weight capacity: 2008 Flagstaff LTD/MAC 228D

    Just found this on a FR Forum- I exchanged e-mails with the Forest River Warranty Administrator about placing a rack on a HW296. Here is his direct quote from the e-mail... "The roof can handle up to 200 lbs. of weight but it does need to be distributed to the out edge of the roof as that is...
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    Roof weight capacity: 2008 Flagstaff LTD/MAC 228D

    Forest River installs Pro Rac bars on the roofs and they say 150lbs max- I used aluminum strut channel from Grainger to mount my solar panels to the racks- they sell in 10ft pieces but are much lighter than regular strut channel. They work great- I was able to run all wiring inside the channels...
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    Long Beach, Ca

    Welcome from So Cal- love the Sierras- we go both East and West- just talked about getting in another week up by Tom’s Place
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    Need new tires

    We bought Carlisle Radial Trail HD 185/80 R13 on Amazon and had a local tire place put on for me- they were $65 each - the production dates were good- we have had no issues with the ride - our trailer is 3200-3400 all in and we tow at 65mph. As with most tires this size they are made in China...
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    What does this valve do on the water tank?

    Pretty sure that valve allows the holding tank to fill when on city water or not- plug in hose at your city water connect and turn handle and see if the tank fills
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    New to me on Long Island

    Welcome from So Cal
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    propane firepits

    If you can’t find the correct hose check out they have all kinds of connections and hoses- bought a quick connect and longer hose to add to our fire pit- works great
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    Cheers from SoCal

    Welcome- also here in So Cal- similar story on the camping- my license plate frame says “no more tents” You will find a ton of great advice on here- throw some pics of what you are looking at so we can see what you are asking.
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    Propane relocate

    There is a guy on you tube named “one 2 many hobbies” that moved the propane tanks back where the batteries were and dropped them so he could fit larger tanks- of course he did a lot of mods to get it done but might give you some ideas
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    PSA: popupportal is for pop up campers

    Not sure on the pic but you got the old “my pop up is bigger than your pop up” Haha
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    Now I've Done It!

    Musictom- so sorry this happened- one of my biggest fears- I am going to attach the Manual here for you to look through and see if you can find something useful or can try to troubleshoot- I think you can start working on it yourself - check out you tube as well- I’m sure others on here have...
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    2017 forest river Rockwood ESP pop up trailer LIFT system

    The attached manual will show you on page 6 how to set the upper and lower limit switches- hope this helps
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    Propane on for 3-way fridge while underway?

    We pre chill at home from 110, switch to 12V to drive, switch to propane when set up- agree it’s not as cold as we want so we add 4 frozen water bottles to help it get there. Seems to work for us. When we finish camping we leave the fridge with a dozen or so water bottles so they help with the...
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    Lift system grease

    Can the zerk fitting be reached with a flexible hose on the grease gun? What a terrible design flaw-
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    How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life)

    We go traditional Mr Coffee- put a 1500 watt inverter in to run off of batteries. Added a outlet in trailer to plug in- first thing in morning is turn on inverter and hit switch on coffee- as soon as it is done brewing we put into a stainless growler to keep hot. With new lithium batteries and...
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    Dometic Bag Awnings

    Not sure on the protection but save all the aluminum parts- impossible to get. One of my dogs busted a post and having to order a new awning because I can’t order a single post- been able to get it temp fixed for now
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    First trip !

    8PR is 8 ply radial and 88/83 is load capacity- should be 1235 per tire Load Index Load (lbs) 75 852 76 882 77 908 78 937 79 963 80 992 81 1019 82 1047 83 1074 84 1102 85 1135 86 1168 87 1201 88 1235 The first number gives the load index for the tires when used on...
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    First trip !

    Beautiful Dobie