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    Jacking entire trailer for axle replacement and mover install - concerns?

    I'm getting set to lift my entire 2006 Fleetwood Niagara, with the goal of upgrading to a 5000lb axle, installing the PurpleLine Enduro I finally got last winter, and anything else I might want to do while I have easy access underneath. I've done as much reading as I can here and via Google...
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    Kid-friendly screendoor latch?

    I've got a 2006 Fleetwood Niagara with the classic Coleman door latches for both outside and bathroom doors: The problem is our 6yo has a lot of trouble pushing the stupid button in far enough to get it to unlatch. Even I do sometimes.... I've done some looking around but haven't found any...
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    Help IDing a 12v connector?

    I've got a 2008 Fleetwood Utah, and I'd like to add some 12V devices (inverter, accessory and USB ports), but I don't want to tap into the already existing 12V circuits. As it turns out, there's a completely unused circuit coming off the power center, which would be perfect. The problem is, I...
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    Torn off awning repair

    Last year the rain got the better of the awning hanging off the side of our trailer, and ripped it clear of the plastic rail. I cleaned it up, removed the thread, etc, but I don’t think it’s going to be practical to see it back on. I don’t have an industrial machine and I value my fingers. I...
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    Thetford C402C cassette doesn't mate with flange

    I've spent a few hours futzing around with the seal and other things on the toilet in our recently acquired and as-yet unused (next week!) tent trailer. The fundamental problem seems to be that when I slide the cassette into the slot, it's a good 1/8-1/4" too low to catch the flange, so it ends...
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    Galley leak and safety valve

    Just bought a 2008 Fleetwood Utah, and I'm trying to get all the systems bootstrapped. I haven't RV'd before but my dad has spent ~20 years "refining" his fiberglass trailer so I have a pretty good idea of how most of this works, but no direct practical experience. The previous owners "didn't...