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    Bedding questions

    We have a new to us pop up camper and we will be going out with it the first time this weekend. Previously we have only camped in a tent. I was wondering what bedding do you use or prefer, a sleeping bag or blankets and sheets? Do you store your bedding in the pop up the whole season or take...
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    Painted cabinets and new floor

    The popup that my husband and I bought was filthy inside. It had mildew on much of the canvas and dirt on everything. We pulled everything we could out. We took down the canvas washed and repaired it. We cleaned up the interior, replaced mattresses, washed the cushions, put new fabric on the...
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    Fixing our camplite

    We bought a popup that needs work. I will list below what we have done and will be doing to it. This is our first camper so we are learning to fix and maintain. If anybody has input or corrections on how we are going about it please let me know. Done: Remove vinyl/canvas and clean with...
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    First time owners

    We bought a camplite 2208 sl a few weeks ago that needs work. We have been diligently working on it to get it ready to go out for the first time in a popup in about a few weeks. We are excited about the upgrade from a tent and to see how different it will be to camp with the popup. We slept...