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    Help - Anode Rod

    I did and I will look for the wrenches, thank you!
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    Help - Anode Rod

    Thank you for all your suggestions. I ended up using Deep Creep penetrating oil, because that is what I had on hand. I ended up breaking the pilot light assembly in the process. I had to remove the gas line and the thermocouple as there was no way to get to the anode, the gas line snapped when I...
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    Help - Anode Rod

    How do I loosen it? I cant get a socket or a wrench to it. It is rusted. I have been spraying it with WD 40 and trying plyers, but it wont budge. Also the copper line is completely blocking it, it goes all the way to the bottom of the housing and is right in front of the rod. There is no room...
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    Help - Anode Rod

    I have a Suburban SW6P water heater. I want to change the anode rod and flush the tank, I don’t think it has ever been done. The rod is blocked by the gas lines. Any ideas on how to get this out?
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    Help with Shower Removal

    I realized I posted my question in the wrong forum. I just saw there were more specific forums ‍♀️. We need to remove our shoilet combo to replace the MDF panel under the bunk end in our 2002 Coleman Niagara. We don’t want to damage the unit as we are putting it back in. We can’t figure out how...
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    New PUP Family...needing some help

    Welcome from Ohio. We just joined as well, just bought our new to us PUP. We are completely in renovation mode. Can’t wait until it’s done, we have our first trip planned for Father Day weekend.
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    Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Welcome from Columbus, Ohio
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    Help...Need to Remove Shoilet, Can't Get Out

    We need to remove the toilet/shower cabinet to get to the wall behind it, which is the back wall of our storage compartment. We need to replace the MDF board as it has gotten wet and is falling apart in places. We will be putting the cabinet back in after we replace the MDF board. We can't...
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    Help with Mattress

    Thank you, I didn't realize there was such a cost difference in the "regular" sizes. Definitely worth cutting them down.
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    Help with Mattress

    We need to replace our mattresses on our 2002 Coleman Niagra. Both bunk ends are 70x77. I found 2 twin memory foam mattresses on Amazon for one end. This will work for my two kids (and probably keep them from fighting over sharing a bed). The only place I can find the exact mattress size I need...
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    Hello, my name is Stephanie and my husband is Dave. We are new to the group, we purchased our first PUP a few weeks ago and are currently knee deep in renovations. Hoping to find some helpful hints in this group. We have 3 girls 18, 15 and 7 that camp with us, even though the 18 year old is...