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  1. PopUpSteve

    Leaving Saturday for a week of Thanksgiving Camping

    Beautiful! Reminds me of the Japanese garden from Police Squad.
  2. PopUpSteve

    probably a dead horse

    I never used them on the TV, only the camper. But I don't think they would be in the way on the TV unless you are tall and already have your head touching the roof.
  3. PopUpSteve

    2022 Buffalo/WNY Snow Storm... Camping Survival Skills

    Driving, as in driving to Florida. Stay safe. Hope the power stays on and the family is together.
  4. PopUpSteve

    BLACK FRIDAY Specials at Coleman Pop Up Parts

    Just received an email from Coleman Pop Up Parts. Black Friday Specials On Our Most Popular Collections! Sale now in effect until November 30th 2022. Mark your calendar so you don’t miss out...
  5. PopUpSteve

    Moving picnic table

    @Hilldweller, love where you have your camping stickers.
  6. PopUpSteve

    Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station - First Impressions

    A little note about the Jackery and cold weather use. I had left my Jackery in my TV since my last camping trip, 3 weeks ago. The past few days, morning temps have dropped down to the mid 30s. I brought the Jackery in last night to charge it up for this weekend's trip. Power levels were at 49%...
  7. PopUpSteve

    Leaving Saturday for a week of Thanksgiving Camping

    I've spent quite a few Thanksgivings at the campground. Have a Camp Chef oven to cook the turkey breast.
  8. PopUpSteve

    Leaving Saturday for a week of Thanksgiving Camping

    Very good. I didn't catch the rhythm until I got the the second verse. You need to put these around it: 🎶 Have a great time! I'm doing my Thanksgiving camping this weekend as next week they are calling for rain all weekend. Here's my favorite camping song. 🎶 Round and round the campground we...
  9. PopUpSteve

    Bike rack for ALiner Expedition

    Well, so we don't waste time with suggestions, what were those rejected ideas?
  10. PopUpSteve

    probably a dead horse

    @Sjm9911, the racks are inflatable, not the kayak. And they worked very well.
  11. PopUpSteve

    probably a dead horse

    When I added a roof rack to my 82 Coleman Columbia many years ago, I use the Yakima system and the bolts went through the roof. There are other ways to carry your kayak on the camper's roof. Checkout the "Cargo Carriers / Bike Racks / Other Storage Option" board for some ideas. I have a set of...
  12. PopUpSteve

    Hello from Georgia

    The same, only cooler. [8D][LOL]
  13. PopUpSteve

    I made a "dinofa"

    VERY NICE! Do you still have storage underneath?
  14. PopUpSteve

    Fantastic Fan - cleaning after a trip - cooking grime

    Is it just me or does the photo look like a flux capacitor? [LOL][LOL]
  15. PopUpSteve

    My eBay find( vintage bunk end warmer)

    I'd be a bit leery about using an old electrical device of that type.
  16. PopUpSteve

    My eBay find( vintage bunk end warmer)

    [LOL]That should suck the batteries dry!
  17. PopUpSteve

    November 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    Finished clearing the water lines Sunday afternoon and added antifreeze to the system.
  18. PopUpSteve

    Gekko Pop Out Covers

    I will be testing them is weekend (Nov 18-20). Temps will be low 20s to high 30s.
  19. PopUpSteve

    Draining fresh water tank on Expedition

    Time (past time really) to replace the rod.