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    Looking for Photos Please

    Good day Troops I have almost completed the rebuild of my Tent trailer roof and looking to see if someone can send me a few photos so I can finish up. I have a 2009 Palomino Pony P280 by Forest River. I have completely rebuilt the top but when checking my pre disassembly photos, I missed a...
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    Is this OK?

    Good day Troops, I find myself in a position of having to rebuild the top on my 2008 Palomino Pony P280. The existing top has OSB that got wet, swelled, turned black. The OSB is glued to the metal and I can't get it off, and If I keep trying I suspect I'll just end up wrecking the metal skin...
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    Trying to identify a door part and source

    Good day all, I was sent to this page by another user that suggested I might have some luck here trying to identify a part and possible source. I have a used Palomino Pony P-280 with a slight door problem. There is a channel at the bottom of the top portion of the door that slides over the...
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    Hello from Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

    Good day all, This site was recommended to me from another site when I was looking for some assistance with a Part. Three years ago I picked up a used 2008 Palomino Pony P-280 Pop up. I was pulling it with my 2013 Ford Escape. Primary just myself and my wife heading out a few times over the...