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  1. Old_Geezer

    Rating naked photos?

    Logged in a few minutes ago and received a PM instantly from Emily, 25 years old, asking me to visit a link and rate her naked photos lol. I have never seen that happen in 10+ years on here. Now off to rate them lol.
  2. Old_Geezer

    Do yourself and your truck, a favor.

    I recently replaced the OEM front rotors and pads on my 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD. Went with these, a little on the pricy side. This is the first time I have ever replaced pads and rotors where you can actually feel the difference. I'm...
  3. Old_Geezer

    Large Dealers Ooooops, I didnt read my contract, Smudges?...............Discrepancies indeed. (Alleged)
  4. Old_Geezer

    PA State Parks - Price Increase 2021 - Over analization.

    I noticed PA has raised rates for 2021 from $15.00 per night to $15.25 per night. That will increase to $16.00 for 2022. Doesn't sound like much until you think about it. $15.25 per night. If the campground is considered modern (most are), which means they have shower houses. Add $4.00 $19.25...
  5. Old_Geezer

    PA Jumping on the bandwagon, (Late)

    Just a heads up. I noticed this on one of the PA State Parks websites a few weeks ago, it was put up sometime since last fall as I know it was not shown there in October or early November. While I was at the park office last week paying my seasonal mooring fee for the canoe, I asked the park...
  6. Old_Geezer

    14 occupied sites in loop, 10 are brand new campers.

    And all 10 are obsessed with leaving every exterior light on from dusk to dawn. This sucks. So much for inebriated star gazing. Covidiots I presume. This place looks like the aliens have landed.
  7. Old_Geezer

    Yikes.....get out the longjohns

    Central PA @ 2100', yes folks thats frost, ice, Frozen H2O, call it what you will. There you have it. 31 according to the tell tale thermo meter. If anything some of the Covid campers found reality. Lots of tagged sites left vacant when they got skeered of the forecast. Other than a little...
  8. Old_Geezer

    The new normal....these uncertain times lol.

    A rented class C pulls into a PA campground last evening. Mom and dad along with two teenagers get out and immediately don masks although there is not anyone within 100 yds of them. Later they build a fire and sit at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions around it, all wearing masks, which I assume...
  9. Old_Geezer

    The Covid Virus inspired RV sales boom.

    In lieu of the title of this thread being changed from "Chinese Virus Inspired RV Sales boom" for rubbing certain snowflake types the wrong way evidently, as I had received a PM shortly after posting asking me to change it which I ignored and am sure she screamed bloody murder to Steve about it...
  10. Old_Geezer

    Opening Up? PA/NY

    I took a road trip on business yesterday to upstate NY (Ithaca area) from SW PA. On the way back, while in northern PA on state routes 14/15 and 220 north of Williamsport, I lost count at 24 in about 50 miles of counting folks pulling all sorts of campers northbound. Not sure if they were...
  11. Old_Geezer

    New Dealer in W-PA selling Flagstaff Shamrock - Keystone Passport Hybrids

    Here you go, so new they don't have much of a physical building yet but have a new facility in the planning stages. Just picked up RV's as they were a utility trailer dealer and have been in business out east near Carlyle for awhile. I had a talk with the owner. I think he is going to give the...
  12. Old_Geezer

    Rockwood Roo Roof Vent leaks.

    Our 2017 Roo came with the Maxxair Fans and factory installed Maxxair covers. In Sept of 2016 The rear vent leaked in a heavy rain. When I pulled the cover it looked like the leak was caused by Rockwood mashing the cover into incurred sealant when the camper was built. I touched up the sealant...
  13. Old_Geezer

    2017 Rockwood Roo 23WS - MISC MODS

    Here's an update, got a few mods done and had a few burps. Added another water tank and made new supports for it and the original tank. Now we have a fresh capacity of 78 gallons. Drilled a hole. Installed Seelevel 2 tank monitors and a hardwired Progressive Industries EMS. Piled up the...
  14. Old_Geezer


    We ordered a 2016 Rockwood Roo 23WS on 10-23. It was built on 12-2 and delivered to the dealer on 12-11. It's really looking like it will not be under the Christmas tree Friday morning It's going to be sitting at the dealer for awhile thanks to the manufacturer. I was able to do a preliminary...
  15. Old_Geezer

    Is there a hybrid in your future? YES. Here it is.

    Send me a PM. You're on this hybrid board for a reason. This is it. It is your destiny.
  16. Old_Geezer


    Has anyone ever had an entire album and all pictures in it on photobucket just disappear? The album in which I had pictures stored that were linked to recent posts is gone, and so are the pictures in it. Previously the links to pictures for many past posts somehow became broken. Photobucket...
  17. Old_Geezer

    An campfire story, its a doosey!

    I don't know if I should laugh or beat my head against the wall. But its a joke so I posted in Jokes and campfire storys. First off let me say I love, or loved I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars there in the last 15 years or longer. On June 28th I ordered a set of...
  18. Old_Geezer

    Yet another new tow vehicle.

    After a little thought, or maybe little thought, and given the fact I was able to easily get a fair trade in and price, we replaced our 2013 Chevy 2500HD which was more or less a plain Jane truck................. With this 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD SLE which has some bells and whistles a month...
  19. Old_Geezer

    Scratching my head?

    I noticed a warning in my Reese round bar WDH manual.............. FRONT WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HOOK UP OR TOW WITH REAR WHEELS OF TOW VEHICLE REMOVED. Don't believe me? 3rd item, page 4 of 4