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    98 sea pine mattress topper suggestion?

    Hey guys , Wanted to see what everyone was doing for either great mattress toppers or a new memory foam bed . I think the front is a king size so not sure what size to order either . What have you used and how comfy is it ?
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    Reflectix amount?

    Those of you who have done the reflectix window inserts , how much reflector did you guys buy ?
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    Single to double conversion ?

    Does anyone have any idea on what parts or kit I would need to change over my single propane to a double propane on my 98 seapine ? I want to get one with auto switchover on it . Here’s a photo of what I’m looking at but what else would I need and how do I go about installing correctly ?
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    98 sea pine , roof not coming down help

    Got a 98 sea pine . I’m trying to lower the roof and it’s not coming down . The crank turns but it seems like the brake I guess is locked and won’t release it . Not sure how to get panel off back to see what’s goin on .
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    Dual propane holder mounting ?

    Hey guys , Got a 98 sea pine . I’m trying to mount a dual tank propane holder on the front . Have an idea on what I possibly can do it but wanted to see if you had any creative good ideas to mount this . First photo is rails I have they sat on prior . Second is the new holder I want to mount ...
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    Battery Connection ? 98 coleman sea pine

    ok guys , I’m trying to fix up some of the Jenky stuff the previous owners did to this pup . I believe the white plug is for a battery hookup am I correct ? There is a black and white wire coming from it . My next question is where can I find a replacement plug for this it looks like it was...
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    Best bets to get tires

    where is some good places to get new tires for my pup ? What should I look for ? Camper weight is about 1700 lbs empty .
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    Repair front plastic? 98 coleman sea pine

    Hey guys , Workin on my camper still and seeing if anyone had any ideas on how to fix the front plastic section . I have a few cracks I may fiberglass behind or do the abs putty stuff I’ve seen and fill the cracks , but the big missing section I’m not sure how to fix . I’ve never done body work...
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    3 way fridge mod

    I’ve seen several mods on YouTube about adding fans to help in cooking the coils on a 3 way fridge . I have a Norcold 3 way in my camper and was thinking of doing this. I have seen them with 2 fans running . I want to have 2 fans running to the fins and 1 for the exit out the vent . How in the...
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    Need a backer plate ..

    Hey guys , Just finished with my second coat of grizzly grip on my roof project . I need to find a plate (preferably metal) that I can attach to where the locking mechanism is that Locks the roof to the bottom . When I took it off to peel the abs off the backs that were there were hard plastic...
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    Doing my roof with grizzly grip .. need some help

    Hey Guys , I started getting my roof ready for the grizzly grip on my 98 coleman sea pine. Almost got all the abs off, most came off really easy, the back not so much . Anyway I think my next step is to sand with 120 grit sand paper (correct me if I’m wrong ) . Then acetone wipe then paint with...
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    Cleaning and restoring norcold fridge

    Hey Guys , Me again , lol. Got another question about my Norcold 3 way fridge . I’m cleaning out the inside and the racks and the metal around the door seal has rust and peeling . Any suggestions as to getting this cleaned and or painted to look nice and last ? How about cleaning the inside or...
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    Roof top popping house breaker ?

    Hey guys , So was out working on camper and cleaning and changing air filter . And turned it on and it popped breaker in my house . Would a missing ground in the plug cause this ? Didn’t even know it was gone till I unplugged it today , think last owner might have broke it. Wanted to run ac to...
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    98 coleman sea pine

    I’m looking to change the interior bulbs in my sea pine to LED’s. The bulbs in there now are a push in type. Has anyone changed the bulbs to leds that has some insight on what leds to get or lead me in the right direction ? Thanks
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    Adding electric brakes?

    I have a 1998 sea pine . It does not have electric brakes . I am wanting to add them . Has anyone done any recently that might have pics or how to’s to get some and install some . Thanks
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    Has anyone added a cable connection ?

    Has anyone added a cable connection to their campers that did not have one , to hook up to campsites with cable tv available ? If you did how did you go about wiring the jack ?
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    Adding an electric lift system ?

    Hey Guys, I have A 1998 Coleman sea pine . Has anyone added an electric lift system to a camper that has a hand crank ? Was it hard to do ? Any videos or recommendations on good system to buy and where to get one ? Thanks
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    Plastic seal ?

    My plastic seal that seals when dropping the roof down to store has come unglued from the top section in about 50% of the place . Any idea on what glue or adhesive to use to secure this back ? It’s still in good shape so don’t need a new one just to stick it back on .
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    1998 Coleman Sea Pine A/C parts

    Does anyone know where to get the plastic covering for the roof a/c units ? Also where to get air filters for it ?
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    2001 Coleman Sea Pine jacking

    hey guys quick question . Can anyone explain how to pack the bearings for a noob ? Also how do you guys go about jacking your popup up to work under it? Thanks

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