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    Towing our Aliner Scout with our Kia Sedona. All the numbers

    Loved our first trip with our new to us 2018 Aliner Scout. Since this journey started I have joined multiple message boards and Facebook groups and have seen many prospective and new owners asking "Can I tow X camper with Y Tow vehicle?" The answer is always "It depends." For my own safety I...
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    Custom paint and murals

    Looking at our new Aliner we had an idea. My wife is from Germany and the shape of the Aliner lends itself to become a... GINGERBREAD HOUSE. I know I have seen some great custom paint while doing my research for this buy. Not sure where to find them again. Anyone know what type of paint will...
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    We got it!!!

    We Got it!!! 2018 Aliner Scout Parks model. First trip should be Sep 7-10 Hillsborough River State Park.
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    Simple question about refrigerator power

    Hi, Picking up our 2018 Aliner Scout soon and just want to make sure of a few things. So, expect more silly questions to come. I know the 12v battery powers the lights and fan. The shore power plug will power the AC. The fridge is electric only, no propane. It is powered by the shore power...
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    Battery maintainer question

    Picking up our 2018 Aliner Scout soon and had a question. I have been reading on these boards that we should remove the main fuse and hook up a trickle charger while in storage. My experience with these chargers comes from motorcycles, but I never disconnected the battery before connecting the...
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    Question about awnings

    I see you can buy awnings and it looks to me that the awning is "pinched" between the roof and wall of the A Frame. Yet, when I look at DIY awnings they are holding them on with velcro, snaps, bungee cords, D-rings, etc. Am I reading it wrong on the PahaQue instructions? If not, why aren't the...
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    The ALiner is ours

    Just got the call from financing. All is set. On Monday we do our walk through and put in the down payment. Won't have the tow hitch ready to go till the middle of the month. So, won't be taking delivery for another couple of weeks. 2018. In beautiful condition. Saw cheaper ones but liked this...
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    Hi from Kissimmee FL

    Hi Everyone, My wife and I recently took a road trip from Florida to North Dakota to visit my brother. By the end of the trip it turned out we loved being on the road. Then we started looking into camping and RV's to make it more fun. Figured we would start off slow and bought a tent. We...

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