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    Pymatuning - power question

    Greetings one and all. I have a reservation for mid-October at Pymatuning (OH) State Park. I am in a "premium electric" campsite - whatever the heck that is. My question is, does anyone know for certain if their power hookups are the 3-prong units like the one in my pop-up, or is it a standard...
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    '95 Rockwood 1620

    I posted over in the Intros subforum but now that I've got a p'up, I figured I would share a few pictures of it here as well. The ad came across my FB marketplace feed on Sunday night, newly posted just 40 minutes prior. I messaged the seller and told him I'd be down tomorrow to look at it. He...
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    New from Cleveland, OH

    Hi there. My family had a '77 Coleman Concord when I was growing up and I have a lot of fond memories of helping set up camp. I have a camping trip scheduled for next month and figured maybe I'd try to find a budget-friendly PUP so I didn't have to sleep in a tent. So I figured I might as well...

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