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    Experiences with washboard roads? Where are the weaknesses in a popup?

    They are as fragil as tissue paper. Ive had mine out three times and all three times was working my butt off repairing the camper. Going back to cabin rental.
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    Wifi booster removal?

    It is unfortunatly for real. People want features these days. I want the exact opposit. Less things to go wrong and to unplug while camping. I highly doubt the thing even worked day one. Also removed the power lift and installed a hand crank. Think I'll run this thing one more season and be...
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    Wifi booster removal?

    This sounds like a good idea although may not look the best.
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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I chose the pup because of price, easy towing, and back yard storage. After owning it we are done. Royal pain to set up and always shifting things around inside. Something breaks every time I touch the darn thing! Going back to cabin rental after next year especially with fuel prices.
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    Grease for the motor of the lift system

    No way to grease it. I took mine off and installed a hand crank. No more noise and reliability issues.
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    To cover or Not to cover

    I would get a cover on it asap. It leaks one time and its garbage. Make sure to get a breathable one.
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    POOP IN THE PUP! (A Truly Crappy Thread)

    The pup is nothing more than a place to sleep. Stay out of it untill bedtime. Absolutly everything is done outside. If weather is bad we popping down and rolling out.
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    Wifi booster removal?

    Have a 2019 Rockwood Freedom with a wifi ranger booster on the roof. The thing is of no use to me. Antenna broke off and the thing has water in it. I would like to remove it. Whats the best way to seal off the screw and wire holes? Other option may be to leave it and plug the antena hole and...
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    What changes when your dog comes camping?

    Took my dogs twice. Never again!
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    Power lift

    I just took mine off and canned it. They are noisy and unreliable. Put the hand crank back on and my troubles are over.
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    Help needed. Bed roller question

    I need one too! Mine is a 2019 Rockwood 1980 model. Three different dealers have blown me off so far. No luck on my google foo either.
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    Oh oh! Did I wait too long

    I had a job like that. Best thing I ever did was quit. Now Im in charge of my own life. Money isnt everything. For whatever reason dont have anything on the books yet either. Plan on some boondocking and off peak local stuff.

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