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    Clearing water lines when taking down

    After disconnecting from city water I flush the toilet and leave faucets open until dry. Or I thought I did. We always end up with water pooling near the sink - mainly because water still comes out when we removed the goose faucet to close the roof. We sometimes get a light trickle from the...
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    First camping trip was a success

    Over the weekend we camped with one new camper family and a seasoned couple. Had a great site at Virginia Landing where we were all together and had empty (non-usable) sites between us so we had a lot of room for their 4 dogs. Everything went fantastic, the only issue we had was that we didn’t...
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    Screws for outside shower

    Happy Independence Day! We are replacing the outdoor shower box and have no idea what type of screws these are or what tool is used to remove them. Our new kit didn’t come with hardware so we’re hoping to reuse these if possible. Nothing in the manuals we have and I don’t know what to look for...
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    USB Outlets?

    Is it possible to switch the existing outlets with USB outlets? We'd like to replace at least one inside and the outlet outside. I've replaced every outlet in our home (some with 2 USB ports, others are typical outlets) so I'm experienced with them, but are they different in a PUP? I can't tell...
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    Hi from Virginia Beach, VA

    Hi everyone! My husband and I just purchased a 2006 Coleman Fleetwood Niagra (high wall) pop up from a friend of ours and we're excited to start using it. It's in great condition but has been closed up for a couple of years so it's in the backyard airing out and going through a systems check...

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