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    Powerenz LFP 40 set up?

    I am thinking of purchasing this setup: I would like input from anyone on your thoughts on the setup. I am new to solar power and am a little skeptical of dropping this much money, but from what Ive read these systems seem to be...
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    2001 Jayco Heritage

    Hi Yall, the family is going to go look at this camper today, that we found on Craigslist. The owner sent me 3 pics and they look really good. We have an 89 Coleman that was pretty much totaled Fri...
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    Man this sucks

    I just got through rebuilding my 89 Coleman Chesapeke, this week. Last thing to be done was to install the A/C, and new gasket back ontop on the camper. I made an appointment for this morning to take it to our local dealer. While enroute I started getting a bad vibration, pull off the hwy onto...
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    Upgrading converter

    Ok, let me start by saying I have no idea what an Ohm,Watt, or amp is. I do know that volts hurt as I carry a Tazer while at work & had to get hit by the damn thing. That is the extent of my knowledge of electricty. So having professed myself a total dummy on the subject let me tell ya'll what i...
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    Oh man Its now my turn

    I opened our 90 Coleman Chesapeake up today, to stock her since we are leaving on an 800+ mile round trip this week. While raising the top I noticed what looked like pine straw, sitting on the lip between the bunkend and roof. Raised the roof up a little more and noticed it was wood rot. The rot...
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    Campground suggestions in the Arlington Texas area

    Our family will be heading over to Arlington Tx, for a family reunion in June. Was searching the site for past postings but have found none.I found a couple site already, Cedar Hills S.P, Treetops Village and Traders Village. Any suggestions on these and other C.G. will be appreciated. Thanks

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