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  1. XKPin

    Virginia Pop-Ups Unite!

    . . .and everyone else interested. --My dream is to caravan on a camping trip for a significant adventure. --There seem to be a number of retired, retired-wanna-bees, and others living in the region fortunate enough to have some time on their hands who might also be seeking a new adventure...
  2. XKPin

    Hey Vermont! New York State too!

    --I know its cold up there [EEK], but that wouldn't stop me if I could find a campground that is open during the winer months that does NOT require a seasonal or monthly site rental requirement. Anyone in Vermont or New York State know of a nice campground that will accept 2- or 3-day site...
  3. XKPin

    Southern Colorado: Canyons of the Ancients & Great Sand Dunes

    [CO]--We're planning a trip to southern Colorado in the near future. Since this will be a road trip from Virginia (4-days each way) we'd love to hear suggestions and comments from anyone who has info on southern Colorado parks. --I've already reviewed associated websites but would enjoy...
  4. XKPin

    Allegheny, Maid of the Mist, Kinzua Viaduct

    --Just returned with the grandkids from Red Bridge campground in the western Pennsylvania Alleghenies. Never been there before but thought it would be cooler up north. It rained on and off but we still got a chance to do a lot of fishing, [Vo] canoeing and hiking. BIG spacious camp sites and...
  5. XKPin

    Red Bridge CG - Allegheny - Pennsylvania: Suggestions

    --We're leaving at the end of June for a week in Red Bridge in the Allegheny. I've never been to this end of PA and not sure what to expect. As the DW and grandkids have abandoned me, it's just me and my Lab. Anyone have any suggestions for interesting locations? How about any Mom & Pop...
  6. XKPin

    Camping with the Supernatural

    -- My pup evolution stems from an early love of backpacking and tent camping. As time passed, the most challenging part of an adventure began with the half crouched dressing position culmination with the arduous extension into an upright hominoid every morning. This is my story from those...
  7. XKPin

    Hasenpfeffer Search?

    My grandmother used to make the best rabbit! A delicious sour cream sauce covering brazed rabbit even better than Mountain Oysters. She had a German recipe that just 'vanished' with her when she passed on. The web searches I've tried have failed to meet my expectations. Does anyone have an...
  8. XKPin

    Mountain Oysters - Rated R

    Maybe a little too personal but. . . Anyone who has ever met me knows I LOVE to camp, travel and canoe/kayak! Always looking for that new experience somewhere off the beaten path. So, just because West Virginia was under water and it was a state flood emergency didn’t deter me from trying to...
  9. XKPin

    Pull Out Shelves

    Part 1: Now that Meteorological Spring is here it’s an excuse to re-provision my pup’s necessities for more favorable weather conditions. Thought I would share some pictures of the cabinet shelves mentioned in a previous post. Two years ago I downsized to an 8-foot Pup. Not for...
  10. XKPin

    My Secret Virginia CG: Boondock on shore, Full Hookups 2, DOGS swim!

    Okay - normally I would NEVER share this, but I've seen a lot of people who share the same things I most cherish camping: 1. Where can I take my dog to go swimming? 2. Where can I camp on the water? 3. How about a beach area for the grandkids/everyone? 4. Great fishing? 5. Lots of alcoves to...
  11. XKPin

    Pullout Bed Support Installation Suggestion

    (Sorry, picture files too large. Email me if interested in pics) It’s just me and my Lab most of the time. I’m 63. As a service member I’ve been road hard and put up wet on a number of occasions and my body is starting to show it. I noticed some back pain installing the pullout bed supports...
  12. XKPin


    With so many posts I hope I'm not beating a dead horse, but: Have you ever wished you took a few extra seasoning packets at the fast food restaurants for future camping use? If you’re like me a wonderful day of exploration and adventure culminates around a campfire with friends and...
  13. XKPin

    Yellowstone POP-UP Site Requirements per NPS

    I'm sorry if I'm beating a dead horse, but I saw several FORUM sites where people had questions regarding the Yellowstone camp site strict size limitations. I received a more formal response from the NPS, promised to pass it on, and it follows: "When a site says RV 30 feet or less that means...
  14. XKPin

    Nat'l Park Overall Site Size Limitations?

    While reading other Yellowstone comments I thought camping outside Yellowstone would be the way to go, but I now know better. Great info! So, we're planning a trip to Yellowstone this summer and have decided on Canyon CG. So here is my quandry: We're ready to reserve! I see a pop-up in the...
  15. XKPin

    Hi from VA - follow up

    I see that others REALLY introduced themselves, so here goes: My name is Tom and I'm a retired GI. Just finishing a fishing expedition in Frisco on the Outer Banks. I live in Gloucester, Virginia. I mostly camp by myself because the wife has asthma and the weather has to be just right for her...
  16. XKPin

    Hi from VA

    Call me XKPin. Just learned of your site after looking for a pin hole leak repair. Good info. Been popping for 12-years now on my second unit. Retired and planning to see the rest of America I have missed.

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