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  1. Stephaw

    Patching canvas question

    We’re reno’ing a 1998 Coleman Santa Fe that sat closed in a side yard did 12 years. The mice found it in that time and now I have canvas to patch. Is this the way to go? Complete Repair Kit for Canvas Tents, Pop-Up Campers, Tarps, Marine and Boat Covers | with 6oz Tear Mender Glue, Speedy...
  2. Stephaw

    Bed slide out rail broken

    Hi y’all, our 1998 Coleman Santa Fe is open in the driveway! My husband power washed the 12 years of tree sap and dirt and whatever off last night and we set her up today. I found multiple small holes in the canvas that I’ll buy a patch kit for, and one tear in a screen that we can repair...
  3. Stephaw

    New to me on Long Island

    Hi! I’ve been poking around these forums for a while and am learning a lot! I live on Long Island in New York and recently was gifted a 1998 Coleman Santa Fe. It has been sitting in my partner’s aunt’s side yard unused for 12 years. I have very, very, very little camping experience but a free...

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