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    Do people only choose Pop Ups because they have no other choice?

    I just got rid of a 24’ Prowler. It was fine but heavy. I have a 2004 Bayside now and it is AWESOME. I can get to anywhere I want for dispersed camping, can tow it with my 2001 Tacoma and it has all the amenities I need. Wife and I take one bunk and the dogs take the other… setup for solar...
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    September 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

    We are just north of you in Red Feather Lakes… Have fun and enjoy the cooler weather!
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    Dinette gap

    Picture 2 shows where the small piece at the bottom goes, mine has already fallen off
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    Dinette gap

    Pictures aren't great and my seal is pulling away, as I think it was 6 or 7 years old. I guess I better run to the store and buy new...
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    Dinette gap

    There is supposed to be some weatherstripping that attaches to the slide section so that when the slide is pushed in it seals the slide to the outside of the camper wall. I just replaced mine a couple of months ago, very easy job, don't forget that (at least on mine) there is a small strip that...
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    What food item has unexpectedly become a camping staple for you?

    We don't cook in our Bayside, I do all the cooking outside. The Blackstone changed my whole menu. We do usually big breakfast (hash browns, eggs, sausage or chorizo, then toast or make it into a burrito. Sometimes pancakes, but normally it's a traditional breakfast. I can cook it all at one time...
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    Ordering Camping Stuff

    Ahhhh yes, the dreaded procrastination then stress over if it will get here in time, cycle. I know it well.... So does Amazon!! LOL
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    Little holes in aluminum roof

    I've heard good things about Henry's and it gets good reviews. I don't have corner trim, just a front and back end cap. I would think that you could use either Eternabond tape over the corners, then put the corner back on and then use the Henry's, or check to see if the Henry's will stick to the...
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    Little holes in aluminum roof

    Well, before I knew it was leaking so bad I had hosed it down and scrubbed it with some RV soap, then, since I knew I was going to use the Grizzly Grip anyway I hit it with a solution of Super Clean and a brush to get the really caked on stuff. A few days later I pulled the racks off the top and...
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    Little holes in aluminum roof

    You can’t really fix it, only replace the rotten pieces. The problem is, that you won’t know how bad it is until you get into it. I’m not familiar with the construction of your top. You may be able to pull the corner trim and take a look, if you have those. Otherwise some of the other guys on...
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    Little holes in aluminum roof

    I'm dealing with the same problem right now. 2004 Bayside. The roof had gotten wet at some point before and this is what I get to deal with (have had the camper for a week.) I've removed the roof rails and will use Sikaflex black for the screw holes and seam, then I will use 3M 5200 for the...