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    Hello from a new PUP owner in CT!

    Hi and welcome from South west ct, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2015 Vermont Fall Foliage Rally Sept. 25 - 27

    I just got back from Winhall campground about an hour ago, What a nice place and very clean, The bath houses are spotless They sell wood there at the ranger station 5 dollars a bundle, But before You get to the campground there is this place that builds sheds, They leave hoppers Of wood for...
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    New Member

    Welcome from Connecticut
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    VIDEO: My Camp Kitchen Setup

    Nice presentation thanks for sharing
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    Lift Post Problem -Goshen System

    I'd call goshen stamping in Goshen IN, They are very helpful and will explain how to correct the problem
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    Repaired it myself!

    Wow great job congratulations job well done
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    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    Helicopter Mechanic 37 years, Sikorsky aircraft, Bell helicopters, Was a Huey Crew chief in the Army, HUEY GUNS FOREVER!
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    Goshen lift springs: grease or oil?

    I was just at Goshen stamping in Indiana last week I got to tour the factory with the lead engineer real nice guy, He told my to squirt grease in to the springs, What a great bunch of people that work there
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    So Cal Friends- Do you actually use your AC?

    Use it all the time when I need it and when I have shore power. Love the A/C
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    Goshen stamping

    Visiting family in Fort Wayne Indiana I decided to take the 1 hour drive to Goshen Stamping to pick up an extra cable for the pups lift system, They were great I also bought an extra wench and crank Handel, They also took me on a tour of the plant, Had a mock up Of the lift system with cutaways...
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    Hello from Massachusetts

    Welcome from Connecticut. Lots of good info on this portal,
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    Hi Everyone!!

    Welcome from Connecticut, Enjoy the camping life
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    Ever get escorted to your site and told where exactly to park your trailer?

    Happened to me on Thursday at a KOA The guy was giving me parking signals like he was directing a 747on the Tarmac , Anyway the place was a dump site not even cleaned up dirty forks on the picnic table, nails coming out of the table , What a joke. I left after 1 day stayed at another campground.
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    Hello from RI

    Welcome from Connecticut headed up your way to the Charleston Sea food fest in a couple of weeks. Beautiful state
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    From Michigan To the Grand Canyon

    Sounds like a great trip, Lots to see and do, Have a great time and enjoy!
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    Newb to PUP. Not to Camping

    Welcome from Connecticut
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    What is this?

    Jeff I think you nailed it
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    Do I have to buy a riveting tool to install these?

    Yes you have to buy a hand rivet gun The squeeze type they sell them at Lowes or Home Cheapo, just make sure the tip can accommodate the stem of the fastener it looks like a 40 -.090" or a 30 .125" dia stem
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    Introducing ourselves

    Hi welcome from Connecticut, Was out I. AZ last year loved the place Flagstaff area
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    Tent sites near Charlestown RI

    Good you'll have a great time get your wood at Dunns corner or Walmart up the road cheaper than at the camp store, there's a farm take a left at Walmart sells wood cheap East beach is across rt 1 if you get there early you don't have to pay parking, I really enjoy it there, Anyway have a great...