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    Get them While You Can

    For the love, keep politics out of it. Nobody cares whether you fly flags on your tow vehicle or not.
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    What’s the best pop up camper made from 2000 - 2010?

    Y'all - this very kind man packaged up his Add A Room and shipped it to me yesterday. I can't tell you how excited we are to have it. Just wanted to give a shout out to awsandlin - really thoughtful and generous. Thank you so much!
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    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    I understand. I agree, the tech will get there. First things first. Gotta make the better selling basic sedans, then the trucks, and eventually everything else. My EV is like the 4xe - I get about 35 miles on electric, and then a gas motor comes on to charge the battery. I live in a...
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    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    There's a lot of 4wd or AWD EVs out there. Most EV drivers don't need to charge at work. If you charge overnight at home, you shouldn't need to unless your commute is really, really long.
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    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    I wondered if you had a unique situation like that. Yeah, EV isn't going to replace an offroading Jeep atm. In my experience, a lot of Jeep owners have them as a "toy" and use something else for their daily driver, but certainly not everyone can afford that lifestyle. Thanks for the reply.
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    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    Besides hauling/towing, I'm curious about what use-case does not have an EV fit for the application?
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    Top won't come down.

    This guy has a bunch of good videos on these lift systems. I recall him addressing this issue in one of his videos. If its not in this one: then check his others out. Also a quick google search led me to this one: Good luck!
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    Kayak transport

    Crossbars on my vehicle are only 29" apart. I bet you could get that distance on the roof of your Colorado. Granted, it'll still run you about that same $400 to get that all installed. I just so prefer putting that weight on my TV vs my PUP.
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    Considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee purchase

    I use a 2019 Dodge Durango, which has a lot of similarities to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Same 7,200 lb tow capacity, but it does have 1,460 cargo capacity. Might be a decent option for you. I tow a pretty heavy PUP that has a slide out and two king beds and it does just fine - barely notice it...
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    Kayak transport

    I put two kayaks on the roof of my tow vehicle and they lay flat. I use Malone Seawings.
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    The one time we left all the PUP keys at home and then realized it when we got to the campground, I was very thankful that all I had to do was walk over to the nearest Coleman PUP owner and ask if I could borrow his keys so I could lower the step on mine.
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    Parting out: 1998 Coleman Bayside

    I'd be interested in the door if it'll fit my 04 Utah. Might be a long shot, but they're pretty similar pups.
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    Here we go again. Upgrade.

    You probably have twice the towing capacity.
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    Making frozen waffles edible?

    Yo, Eggo has some new "Thick and Fluffy" frozen waffles that changed my life. You should check them out.
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    No Heat on DC Power

    How would one know if the converter was destroyed? Is there a test to see if that happened?
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    School and camping...

    This was the first year for my kids (6th and 8th grades) that they actually opposed being taken out of school for ONE DAY and it was a Friday. Constantly talking about how they don't wanna go, and when I offered them an out, they didn't want to do it. None the less, we're terrible parents and...
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    Using Power Drill for Lift Mechanism

    Thank you! I get my pup back from the shop this week, so I will definitely give it a go with my DeWalt 20v cordless and see how it goes. I just need to find that attachment. I'll be checking Amazon today.
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    Using Power Drill for Lift Mechanism

    Hmm, well, I have a corded drill (unsure of brand offhand) and a 20v battery-powered drill (Dewalt). How to know whether they have metal gears?
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    Using Power Drill for Lift Mechanism

    I've heard that one can buy an attachment to use with a battery-powered drill to crank up the lift system. Is this safe? Will it work with an a/c unit on top adding to the weight? Any downsides?