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    2018 Washington Summer Outing

    Kalaloch is reservations only in the summer and is EXTREMELY difficult to get into. It's one of those places where people have their finger on the button at midnight when the reservation window opens and still can't get a site because so many others are doing the same thing. This might make it...
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    2017 Oregon Summer Rally

    Vicki, this thread dead ended. There is another called 2017 West Coast Total Solar Eclipse Rally that is more up to date. Check it out for details. The group is meeting at a private RV place called Catfish Junction. It is in eastern Oregon near the Idaho border. Call them and tell them you...
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    2017 Washington Summer Outing

    I vote for keeping the pot luck the way it was, i.e., at one campsite. I was thinking about this a few days ago and figured that everyone would have to carry chairs around or all just stand at each spot. Neither option is attractive to me.
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    2017 Washington Summer Outing

    Kathy and I have reserved Site A-12 at Iron Creek for four nights, arriving Thursday, July 20 and departing Monday, July 24. If I recall correctly, parts of that road are rough because of broken sections of pavement and frost heaves. I think it's a county road and its condition may be low...
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    2017 Washington Summer Outing

    Don't forget that the total solar eclipse is on August 21 and many Portal members from around the West have made reservations at Catfish Junction in eastern Oregon to see it. Some folks will be there for a few days before and after.
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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    I called this morning and it was done! I just returned home from picking it up. Looks like they did a great job, including the addition of an extra piece for added strength. So, no ground tent for me. See you Thursday.
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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    Update on my trailer situation. Since the fix my regular RV guy recommended was so expensive I decided to do a bit more research. I called another RV place I've used in the past and they suggested a welding shop in Tacoma. They send all of their welding there. So I checked with them and they...
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    met on the trail

    I walked up on one in Joshua Tree NP a few years ago. I was looking but it was a juvenile. These snakes are difficult to see anyway but even tougher when they are smaller. It was on the edge of the trail, coiled and rattling. I stopped dead still, waited for a few moments and then slowly...
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    Bears & Porta Potties

    Any smell that is not normally in the environment could attract a curious bear. It may want to see if the unfamiliar smell is food.
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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    Sure. If all the other sites are taken we can certainly share mine. We can work out the details after arrival.
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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    Well crap! I took the TrailManor to the RV service place for some minor work and found a major problem. It's not something I wanted to hear but it's better that I found out in the garage than during a disaster on the highway. A weld on the swing-away portion of the tongue has cracked. The...
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    Do you drink the water from your PUP tank?

    Be sure you have sanitized the tank at the beginning of the camping season. If you don't know how, look it up here or on google. There are scads of posts with instructions. I've been drinking, cooking and washing from my trailer water tank for many years. I use the local water all the time...
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    Transporting alcohol or getting locally

    I've been taking alcohol everywhere I go for several decades. In fact, because the liquor tax in Washington is so high I use trips as an opportunity to buy it in other states. Never had any issues transporting within or between states. I drink in CGs that prohibit it too. Since a...
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    trailer brakes needed?

    My opinion is to completely ignore anything any state says about when brakes are required. Just GET BRAKES. I would never tow anything anywhere without them. You never know when some sort of situation will develop where the difference in stopping distance with and without them could be the...
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    First camping trip - Moab

    Moab and SW Utah is best in April-May or Sept-Oct. Temps are comfortable in the 80s and low 90s. Summer there is really HOT. I never had trouble with gnats in any of the park CGs but I did have a lot of them one time when I camped along the river in one of the BLM CGs. They were in thick...
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    Camping in Yellowstone

    There is a completely incorrect rumor that won't die (spread by sales people who want to sell TTs or RVs). It is that you can't use a tent or popup in Yellowstone. That is nonsense. There is only one CG in the park that doesn't allow tents or popups and that is the RV place near Fishing...
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    First Time Camping in 90 Degrees +

    Get Pop Up Gizmos for the roofs of the bunk ends. They are thermal barriers that will reflect the sun's heat. You will find that the interior of the PUP will stay cooler than it does without them. They help to keep the inside warmer in winter, too. Plus, they keep your canvas clean because...
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    Water, water everywhere...except in my popup

    The first picture shows an uncovered city water inlet. This is where you attach your white water hose. City water does not require the water pump. It uses the city water system pressure. In fact, you want a pressure regulator between the city water source and your hose because some systems...
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    How long can the fridge run off the battery?

    The only time anyone should ever run a fridge on DC is while driving and then only if they have an active charge line as part of a 7-pin wiring system. The charge line should be at least ten gauge. Many are only 12 gauge. This allows the TV to constantly recharge the PUP battery while...
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    2016 Washington Summer Outing (also known as Extreme Weather Rally)

    I'm scheduled to arrive on Thursday the 4th. I have site 12 reserved but plan to look for a FCFS site on the lake. If I find one my reserved site would be available.