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    NOT Attempted propane tank theft (updated title)

    Warning shots are, as far as I know, generally illegal. But fear for life is the qualification for justifiable homicide. Defense of home, permanent or temporary (many states define by 'having a roof' which would include our popups) is a different can of worms and falls under 'Castle...
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    LED lighting

    Not sure of that brand, but I tried 2 other non-dimmable and they just wouldn't work for me. Hence, why I said to check voltage. There's only 2 in my camper, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Also, I was debating hooking up a variable resistor and knob to lower it for a night-light, but...
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    LED lighting

    A tiny word of advice: check your voltage. I swapped mine with LEDs and the non dimabble ones didn't work for me because my converter's 12v is really ~13.1V. The dimmable ones worked fine. (Same brand.)...
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    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    No, the Velcro is for the canvas flap to secure once out under the mattress. Mine's the same way. The canvas has 2 end flaps, one hangs down to flow rain off the wood, the other tucks under the mattress and secures with that Velcro.
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    Help with pop camper bed and sink

    I have a '93 palomino, and I can say the notches are the same as mine, and correct. The wheel supports the middle of the bed while rolling in and out and the notch is for the wheel., and that metal plate abuts the frame under the bed when the bed is fully out to seal/spread the load of the bed...
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    using cruise control

    My TV is an '04 Volvo V70. Since it has an upgraded turbo and is tuned, I can't say if this is all Volvos/turbos, but I highly suspect that it is, if I set the cruise it will use the turbo without shifting to increase torque (towing or not.) If the cruise is off and I give it the same amount...
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    Popup registration options?

    Technically if you tell your insurance company you live in a state you do not, that's insurance fraud. Probably never find out as long as you don't have a claim...but best not to, as it is illegal.
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    Death to fuzzy tail tree rats!

    Depends on the law; most cities have ordinances against discharging firearms in city limits; our cities do, as well. The air rifle isn't included because it literally isn't a fire arm; there's no fire. Not sure if they're trying to ban guns or just cared about the noise.. air rifles are much...
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    Star Gazers

    We didn't camp; but set up in our backyard and I got out my Busnells x60 spotting scope and looked at it. Saw the rings slightly, and the dots of 4 or so of Jupiter's moons.
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    Greetings from KC

    Been thinking of a Popup for a couple years now. Been ghosting this forum to see stuff to do, and what I was thinking of getting myself into. Married, 2 kids, 9 and 6. I'm a stay-at-home dad, and I'm quite handy and willing to put in time to fix things ;p Well, we just bought a new camper...