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  1. Sneezer

    Jayco pop up sink drain

    If yours is anything like my Jayco the sink drain is basically a garden hose. I made a drain vent for mine using a wye fighting similar to that pictured above with some pipe to extend the vent above the height of the actual drain. That helped but I also have to make sure the sink drain hose is...
  2. Sneezer

    Jayco 806, bonehead move

    Sent you a PM. Hope it helps isolate the issue and fix it. Good luck!
  3. Sneezer

    Reading lights?

    Kindle Paperwhite is awesome. However, I swapped to LEDs in my bunk lights and added a rotary dial dimmer to them. I can drop the brightness down pretty low, enough to read yet not disturb. I also have a since discontinued goal zero Luna USB flexible light that also works well.
  4. Sneezer

    Outdoor sink question

    I use a 7 gal Aquatainer for exterior sink drains. I have one dedicated so it never gets confused with a freshwater one. Once full it is easy to toss in the car and take it to the bathroom or to a vacant site with sewer hookups.
  5. Sneezer

    Outside Camp Kitchen They are pretty pricey, but an excellent piece of kit. I almost bought a King Charles off FB a couple years back, but couldn’t quite justify with what I already have. I use a couple different chuck boxes myself, depending on the trip and needs. I have a Beavertree...
  6. Sneezer

    1989 Jayco 1006 Deluxe - Power cord hatch

    Instead of just replacing the hatch get a park power quick disconnect. No more stuffing the cord back in through the hole. One of the first things I did to mine. My hatch was busted up and needed replaced as well. Having the quick disconnect has been awesome, well worth the upgrade.
  7. Sneezer

    2nd Purchase Gizmos

    I need to order a replacement set. Mine have torn where the silver side is sewn to the velcro sections. Although I think that is mainly due to the riginal dimensions for my model being a little too short when doing the velcro. They should have added about 4-6” in length.
  8. Sneezer

    Moving picnic table

    Just about every site I have been to the table has been either concrete or secured to a pad, or sometimes covered by a pavilion and still bolted down. Honestly I have never even thought of trying to move one. If I am going to use the table I just put my canopy up over it wherever it is. I always...
  9. Sneezer

    Camping days are over for a while!

    Gas isn’t as bad down here in TX, around $3.50 or less these days, but it has been a hot summer for us. I didn’t camp hardly at all after spring, and with getting my son ready for college we had multiple trips for scholarship competitions and visits which pretty much blew my budget for...
  10. Sneezer

    Television at campsite?

    I am a nerd. I still enjoy video games - since my son is in college now I generally solo camp these days. I often bring a console and a TV, and spend the evening after dinner catching up on some gaming, or watching a movie. My film tastes don’t always mesh with my DW so camp movies let me...
  11. Sneezer

    Solo Stove Campfire

    Costco and Aldi both had knockoffs this year of the big one, I think the Bonfire? I saw the Ranger and the one up from that at an REI for $160/$175 I think. Was on clearance too and no longer on the website. Still not worth it for me given my use model, but might be good for some. I heard Aldi...
  12. Sneezer

    Solo Stove Campfire

    Pretty sure a burn ban would not allow use of it as well. Most of the ones I have seen prohibited any uncontrolled open flame. If it didn't have an off knob you couldn't use it. The propane fire pit usually complies when I have been in a burn ban situation.
  13. Sneezer

    Solo Stove Campfire

    I am not a huge campfire person. Half the time therre is a burn ban anyway, the smoke always seems to follow me, I can’t stand smelling like smoke, I dislike cooking over a fire and most of the time there is little wood around so I would have to either bring it or buy whatever they have at the...
  14. Sneezer

    FINALLY DONE! 1993 Starcraft Starmaster Vista 1224

    Looks great. I didn't realize Starcraft made some hardsides like that - all I have seen have been Rockwood and Palomino, and of course the classic Apache ones. I really wanted a hardside model but was never able to find one in decent shape, close and in my budget.
  15. Sneezer

    Blackstone Covers/cases

    I was at a Walmart the other day and the carry bag for the 22" was on clearance. Might be worth a look - the newer ones at least seem to be thicker material than the one I have for my 17".
  16. Sneezer

    Quick opinions needed - which PUP!

    If it were me I would just get a basic cheap battery so you can test all the 12V systems under battery power. It sounds like you will be camping with hookups most of the time, so get used to the new camper first. I haven’t had a working battery on mine since I bought it years ago, but I never...
  17. Sneezer

    What is your opinion? Can you use a dual receiver upside down?

    No. Rule of thumb is that those things reduce your tongue weight pretty significantly. Use the bed for your bikes. You will probably need a drop hitch if the truck is too high. Using a drop hitch in conjunction with an extender like that is a recipe for failure IMO.
  18. Sneezer

    Easy way to set up and take down awning?

    I am strictly a fair weather camper so I rarely deal with adverse weather. If I am staying longer than 2 nights, the awning gets deployed, and I often set up the screen room as well for the kitchen. My awning has no capability of attaching to the wall of the pup, so I stake it out. It uses...
  19. Sneezer

    Robbers' Cave State Park

    Our scout troop camped there the year before covid I think, did the horse program at the stables that they offer. Very pretty park, would go back again. We were in the group camping area as well.
  20. Sneezer

    How effective is portable or window AC in a popup?

    Depends on the size of your PUP. I have a 12’ box, slide out dinette and dual king bunks. In TX summers an 8k btu portable made little difference to me. That one time I used it was due to an electrical wiring issue in my power center that prevented using the roof air for a day. In full sun my...