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    NTM 1973 Montgomery Ward Western Field Edition Pup, 90-95% ORIGINAL !!!

    That's a very interesting design. And 'Montgomery Ward', no less (I remember those). Now I'm thinking that there must've been a Sears & Roebuck PUP too? But, where do you find one of those All-Terrain Saturns?
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    If you are in the market.

    That's pretty cool.
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    New pop up owners fully renovating our 1996 jayco eagle

    Yikes! You got a job on your hands there.
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    Hello from the Free Republic of Florida..

    I was doing some research on a pop-up camper that I saw for sale here in Jacksonville and stumbled across this forum. As luck would have it, when I inquired about the 1998 Jayco pop-up camper, it was already sold. So, back to square one. I'm looking at getting a fixer-upper that I get on the...