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  1. Upstate Matt

    MA - Salisbury Beach State Reservation

    This is on my list, but only late August. That water is cold!
  2. Upstate Matt

    MA- Horseneck Beach

    The draw is the ocean beach and it was great. Plenty of rocks at high tide but a couple hours after you get to sand. Very few people on the beach, don't really get it. Nice waves and warm water. The sites were good sized, if you have a choice pick sites on the side of the street away from the...
  3. Upstate Matt

    97 Rockwood Premier 2308 '08 Trailblazer

    97 Rockwood Premier 2308 '08 Trailblazer
  4. Upstate Matt

    Heater not warm...

    Mine was running on our maiden voyage and just stopped. I may have had the frig on dc and it ran down, at any rate the battery is run down. I know the heat runs from dc, but if I am plugged in to shore power, will it run with no battery hooked up?
  5. Upstate Matt

    Whispering Pines CG-Hope Valley, RI

    Seemed like mainly seasonal campers. Spent 2 nights and it was ok. You have to push a button to be let in that rings to someones cell phone that could barely be heard on both ends. By the time I got in there were 3 cars behind me, they probably had a key code or pass cards to get in.
  6. Upstate Matt

    Inverter test?

    Also, checked the fuses and they were all good.
  7. Upstate Matt

    Inverter test?

    No burnt smell. This is 21 years old.
  8. Upstate Matt

    Inverter test?

    Yes and yes. No fan in this one. The sound is an electrical buzzing. I may have left the DC switch on for the fridge. Also, we ran the heater one day when it rained to get the chill out of the air and it just quit.
  9. Upstate Matt

    Inverter test?

    Is there a way to check my inverter? I have a 1997 Rockwood Premier and we made our maiden voyage and the new battery is dead. Made a buzzing noise when plugged into shore that didn't seem to stop. As I write I am not so sure that it didn't or we just got used to it.
  10. Upstate Matt

    MA- Horseneck Beach

    We have a couple days in August reserved. Can't wait!
  11. Upstate Matt

    Awning help.

    This seems to be our set up. Thanks all.
  12. Upstate Matt

    Awning help.

    No socket, just the bracket that I described. Maybe if I remove the caps there will be something that fits? BRB!
  13. Upstate Matt

    '97 Rockwood Premier '08 Trailblazer

    '97 Rockwood Premier '08 Trailblazer
  14. Upstate Matt

    Awning help.

    The awning on our '97 Rockwood Premier has me a bit puzzled. The arms that attach to the bottom have a nice spot that they fit into, but the top pair just have flat plastic caps on the end. There seems to be a spot for arms to attach, a small bracket with a slot, but the arms obviously do not...
  15. Upstate Matt

    '97 Rockwood Premier 2308 help!

    We got this last summer/fall. The po was the second owner and he had never used the sink; it was not even in the pup. But he had it and a tank etc. I need to hook it all back up, but I am not even sure what I have. Enter pup and cassette toilet is to the right. Should be 12v to this, no? I...
  16. Upstate Matt

    Getting level

    Yeah, I know that there is a search engine, so if you think I'm wasting your time, I apologize! I would simply like to hear your technique. I know it is a simple thing, but things don't seem to get/stay square.
  17. Upstate Matt

    Burlingame State Park RI ??

    Are there any areas that are more family friendly? Like a bit quieter?
  18. Upstate Matt


    I have been lurking and thought that it would be polite to join and introduce myself. I am Matt and I'll be exploring pop-up life with my wife Lisa and son John. Toby our lab may be along from time to time. We are hoping that Spring comes to the great Northeast soon.