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    Tow vehicle to pull a hybrid

    We are currently shopping for a tow vehicle (want a pick up truck) we have 3 kind (6,11,14) and need it to be comfortable for long trips. Any suggestions? We have test driven a Silverado with the suicide doors but the kids legs were squashed.
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    conopy instead of bag awning question

    No, mine doesnt have a skirt. That is a good idea though...hmm.
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    Towing the PUP through the Tunnels - Hampton Roads

    I am a little nervous now. We are driving from Portsmouth, VA to Rhode Island, and the only way I have ever been is 95 all the way. Guess I better pull out a map, because I have no idea how to get home without 95.
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    Where in VA are you from?

    We live in Portsmouth
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    Bought a Dometic Cabana Awning / Screen room - Love it!

    I can put it up on my own, but I like help getting it down. I am going to hit The Dollar Tree and pick up some clips and suction cups before our long trip.
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    conopy instead of bag awning question

    This is it, just with all the panels on.]
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    Hello from Virginia!

    Welcome! We are also in VA in a new to us pop up! What is this "zone camping pass from Thousand Trails" sounds intriguing.
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    Best way to fix this? Help...

    So take it apart from the outside in. Duct tape won't do? Not what I thought I would be doing less than a month before a 1,000 mile trip.
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    Best way to fix this? Help...

    The wood inside is rotten and the screws are not attached to anything. Not sure how to go about fixing it. Has anyone done it before? Know of any youtube videos? I have looked but no luck yet.
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    PopUp Gizmos, Cool!

    How do you know what size to buy? I have two different size beds...
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    First trip with our 98 Jayco 10UD.

    What did you use to clean the canvas? It looks great! Free is AWESOME! (bet you paid in elbow grease) We have a 2000 Jayco 10UD, took her out last weekend, I wish I could say I forgot very little, I forgot TON's!
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    conopy instead of bag awning question

    We got this thing because our NTU popup didn't come with an awning. I love it once it is set up, but it isn't one I can set up once it is popped up. It is kind of a pain in the neck for an overnight. (but I am still new to setting everything up, might get easier with time)
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    2000 Jayco Eagle 10UD pulled by my Flex

    [PU] Camp driveway
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    2000 Jayco Eagle 10UD pulled by my Flex

    We took her out for the first time this year with the whole family(5 of us)! My husband is back from a long 9+ month deployment (US Navy) and it was great to have him finally able to camp with us. We have a few things we need to deal with before our big trip from Virginia to Rhode Island, but I...
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    Holiday Acres N. Scituate

    [PU] [TV] Has anyone camped at Holiday Acres?
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    How do you make coffee?

    I bring my Keurig.
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    Whispering Pines CG-Hope Valley, RI

    That is where I got my first tattoo!
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    "Must Haves" for the first time PUP owner

    Re: New Jayco Qwest owner 2003 I was able to look up my new to me camper on the manufacturers website and download/print the owners manual.
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    What do/did you folks do as your profession?

    My husband is active duty Navy (BMC) and I am a nursing student.