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  1. jman1200

    Coleman popup ABS roof repair on a 2000 Westlake

    Thanks for the tips. So, what kind of glue did you use to reattach the awning rail?
  2. jman1200

    Coleman popup ABS roof repair on a 2000 Westlake

    Hi guys, haven't been around for a while and after many years, its time for me to do something about the roof of my Bayside. Found this thread and thought this would be the right place to post my questions. As many stated here, I've wasted time chasing small cracks for years and now its time for...
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    2020 Ontario Summer Rally ..

    Hi guys, nice to read you had a good time despite all that is going on. Haven't been around in a while, decided to post here to say hi and here is where I'll find the members I know. Didn't camp at all this year due to washroom restrictions, trailer is going back to storage this weekend...
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    2001 Coleman Bayside Elite

    Nice work. Haven't been on this forum for years and came across your thread. I did a full rebuild of my storage box a few years ago so I admire what you are doing. Tip: bleach, soap and brush will remove all those stains on the roof and exterior walls. Good luck !
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    Bike rack help please

    With your PUP being one of the small ones, the added weight at the back will most likely cause it to sway. Find a roof carrier, a dual hitch receiver and bike rack (if you have enough tongue clearance) or the front...
  6. jman1200

    Front storage flap broken, vinyl windows shrunk

    The back corner can be fixed with resin or Marine Tex. As for the lid, my suggestion is to build a new one out of aluminum checkered plate. That is the only way to be instantly happy with it and never have to worry about it again.
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    Mini van and pup question

    I own a 2000 Bayside and my previous TV was a 2004 AWD Toyota Sienna (230 hp) with a 3,500 lb towing capacity. I did have a brake controller and a light duty sway bar/wdh combination from Reese. Never had any issues, the van was always very stable and never struggled but I did mostly flat...
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    Silver Lake Campground

    I spent 3 nights at the State campground about a month ago. Drove 5 hours from Canada and it was worth it. It was packed but surprisingly peaceful, lots of off road vehicles on site but everyone drove them slowly and never hear anyone revving those without an exhaust. Sites offer little to none...
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    Front Storage Box Repair

    There was another member who said the dimensions were slightly different, I believe he also had a Utah. Use them as a guide. PM me if you have any questions, it's Winter and I don't frequent the site that often.
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    Pinery Provincial Park

    I just found this article, I can't believe it.... when is the government gonna grow some...
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    Our Cheyenne.

    Nice work !
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    Wish I was Camping !

    Wish I was Camping !
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    Front Storage Box Repair

    So my thread was affected by Photobucket's policy change (in nice terms...), there are so many pictures in this thread that I honestly didn't feel like fixing it. I recently received a PM from a member of this forum asking me for details on my build and how he read it and used his imagination to...
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    Mods for a Coleman Bayside?

    Photobucket screwed up their users and with that many many great posts. They think people are going to panic and pay them $400/year... not me, I'm switching to Flickr and slowly fix most of my posts. Meanwhile, PM me if you have any questions.
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    '88 Coleman awning - instructions please!

    So you should have 2 or 3 more (depending on size of awning). These go from the metal frame on the edge of the awning (right next to where the attached poles are attached) to the roof, right below the awning rail. The "horizontal" poles should follow the same angle as the awning with minimum...
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    Coleman sea pine help

    Silly question #2 Is the crank inserted all the way in?
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    Coleman front storage compartment leak

    Same width as the hinge. A bit smaller will work as it will expand once you tighten the hinge.