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  1. Natureangel

    Going to the East Coast!

    I’m a mountain girl myself! I’ve done the Smokies countless times. I’m a newbie to the coast.
  2. Natureangel

    Going to the East Coast!

    Trying to plan for a trip on the east coast. So far I have reservations at First Landing, Carolina beach and Skidaway. I’m coming in from near Chicago and am planning to stop overnight somewhere before I reach First Landing. On the return I plan on a stop at GSMNP for a few days. The coast...
  3. Natureangel

    HUGE difference between Shademaker and Dometic Awnings

    I purchased the Shademaker a couple years ago and I’m very happy with it!
  4. Natureangel

    Pre-cooling -- Does the method make a difference?

    I travel with a cooler, when I reach destination I turn on fridge and place a couple frozen gallon containers. It usually is good to go in a few hours. I do monitor the temp with a remote thermometer.
  5. Natureangel

    Write a horror story using only six words

    Tire blown, night time on expressway!
  6. Natureangel

    Building a Bed Step

    I had a useless small step that was falling apart. So I built a sturdy step that is storage as well.
  7. Natureangel

    Ice cooler usage 101

    My favorite flask The Original WineRack Booze Bra Flask - Adjustable Design - Holds 25oz of Booze (Turquoise, Large)
  8. Natureangel

    Foam tiles under mattress is a bad practice?

    I also have foam camping pads under my mattress and it makes a world of difference when I’m sleeping on my side. I’ve used them since day one and have had no problems. I have a 2000 Rockwood Freedom 1940
  9. Natureangel

    Where do you store your clothes?

    Duffel bags with a plastic bag inside for dirty cloths. Each person gets one.
  10. Natureangel

    Super high wind Gizmos

    After several years of monkeying around with home made PUGS I purchased the SHW Gizmos. The material is thicker than the survival blankets and it will be great having the correct size. I like the idea of the paws to connect the cords bout I don’t think I have the clearance. So I am considering...
  11. Natureangel

    Can my pop up handle a long trip?

    Last summer I went from NE Illinois to Yellowstone in my 2000 Rockwood Freedom with out a single problem. Later that Summer on a short trip I had a leaf spring bust! I switched out all the springs so that won’t happen again!
  12. Natureangel

    3 way fridge mod

    I have this behind the fridge plugged in where the fridge plugs in AC Infinity AXIAL 8038, Quiet Muffin Fan, 120V AC 80mm x 38mm Low Speed, UL-Certified for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects...
  13. Natureangel

    camping near trains

    Near Galena IL there is Blanding Landing that has lots of train activity especially at night. The tracks are just east of the campground and the Mississippi River is on the west. It is close to Galena and is very reasonable...
  14. Natureangel

    Replacement Awning Suggestions

    I went with a Shademaker. Lower price than Dometic but great quality!
  15. Natureangel

    March 2021 - What did you do for your camper?

    I just popped her up after winter hibernation! No moisture no rodents! However looks like it’s time to learn how to caulk since the front and back seams are feeling crumbly.
  16. Natureangel

    Who's ready?

    I think at those temps you need both
  17. Natureangel

    Add a room?

    It may be a Dometic you can check with them. My Dometic was a zipper to add the room and my Shademaker is Velcro
  18. Natureangel

    Planning for 2021

    2 years ago I was Lucky enough to see Banff, Jasper and Yoho. Flew out there no camping. Last year I camped Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, bit of a drive but worth every mile! I’ve been to RMNP several times as well. This year I’m headed back to the Smokies that started my mountain desires. Kind...
  19. Natureangel

    Missing Awning

    I love having an awning. It allows for windows to be open on that side when it’s raining, a place to sit in the rain or direct sun, a dry cooking area, a dry place to take off muddy boots etc. When my original Dometic frame failed (camper is a 2000) I went with a Shademaker and I have been very...