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  1. Dave2514g

    What would you seal this with?

    This product in the pic is what the factory will have put around your 4 corner end caps of the roof. The side rails would have a water proof tape product under them (butyl tape). To fix it to factory specs you'd have to pull it all apart and replace the tape, then reseal the corners. I wouldn't...
  2. Dave2514g

    Coleman Fleetwood Rio roof condition

    She's gonna need a lot more than gorilla grip. Roof replacement would be several thousand; and required. If the rest of the trailer is mint and you're getting it for nothing, than it may make financial sense. If they expect you to give them money for this, move along.
  3. Dave2514g

    Mazda CX-9 and Coleman Pop-up

    As mentioned above, payload is an important-if not the most important-factor here. Your vehicle has a payload capacity of 1455lbs. Tongue weight it generally 15% of the trailer weight. So a 3000lb trailer will have a tongue weight of 450lb. That leaves you with 1000lb for cargo and passengers...
  4. Dave2514g

    Bedding for Rockwood 1640LTD

    I would think a full size mattress would be the be the best fit for both. Because the mattress will be thinner than a standard mattress it shouldn't matter that the length comes up a bit short. You can just tuck the excess under the mattress.
  5. Dave2514g

    Canadian national park reservations?

    The last time I visited a national park was 10 yrs ago on our trip out west and friends booked it for me. There are only 37 national parks in Canada, and six total in my province. There are 340 provincial parks in my province alone, and I have a handful of favourites. I really enjoy fishing and...
  6. Dave2514g

    Looking at 2010 Forest River Palomino P Series

    Don't get discouraged that you lost out on this one. Be patient, and take your time looking to make sure there are no surprises that you would have noticed if you hadn't rushed into buying something. Good luck in the search.
  7. Dave2514g

    Looking at 2010 Forest River Palomino P Series

    Check everywhere for signs of water intrusion or damage. Use your feet on every square inch of the floor to feel for soft spots. Press all along the roof to look for the same. Check all the seams for signs of water intrusion. Crawl under and inspect the flooring for rot. Try every appliance on...
  8. Dave2514g

    Cashless world

    In regards to going cashless: In all honesty I don't remember the last time I used cash at a store or restaurant. Been well over a decade for sure. I run everything I can thru the credit card as I get cash back that way. However I still do use cash, any item that I can get used I will. Saved...
  9. Dave2514g

    king bed is trying to kill me! DIY genius help needed to motorize bed.

    Some really good ideas on here already. As @Sjm9911 said, some silicone spray will really help. I have a "king" sized bed at the front of our trailer as well and it can be an absolute PITA to open/close. From factory it had shoulder bolts with black nylon wheels riding in the rails. I've swapped...
  10. Dave2514g

    Fluid Change Intervals

    Changing it is cheap insurance... although it's a pain; I don't understand why they don't put drain plugs on a diff or transmission. If it were my vehicle, I'd just check the level, that's really your main concern. I noticed the rear diff in my truck was low and that prompted me to change the...
  11. Dave2514g

    1986 Coleman Sun Valley

    I don't think there's enough integrity there to try any patch work. To me, your best option is to find a donor trailer and use those end caps. Maybe you could find one that has ruined canvas for cheap. I would expect that for quite a few years the pieces would be similar.
  12. Dave2514g

    No Camping In The Left Lane

    Nope. Deutschland.... Was thinking specifically of the autobahn. I enjoy watching top speed runs of cars and generally think about how that roadway only works out because people there seem extremely aware of their surroundings and diligently make way when someone is approaching.
  13. Dave2514g

    No Camping In The Left Lane

    Same story here in Ontario Canada. One of my biggest pet peeves when on the roadway. I've noticed in a lot of dashcam videos from Europe that people seem a lot more diligent to adhering to this rule. Wish they'd do more traffic stops here to lessen this issue.
  14. Dave2514g

    Solar power chargers for cellphones

    Just going to echo what others have already said on here. The solar panel is essentially too small to be worthwhile. It takes days in the sun to recharge. However, we do have one of these and it serves a purpose with our style of camping. We don't get electrical sites and I run a small generator...
  15. Dave2514g

    1998 Coachman clipper 1275ST electrical problems

    The breakers will be for the 120VAC circuits (receptacles, fridge, micro, AC (if equipped). You need to look at the fusing side. If you don't have a multimeter you can remove the fuses and look at the side to see if they are blown, but this method is not foolproof. Remove and replace the fuses...
  16. Dave2514g

    Mmm. Balls.

    So many good ones back then: -soaking the cork -more cowbell -matt Foley -stewart I used to setup our VCR in the basement to record snl because I wasn't allowed to watch it. Then play it back when they thought I was downstairs watching saved by the bell. Very resourceful 10 year old...
  17. Dave2514g

    Good Deal on my Favorite Pan

    I have the same pan as neighbormike mentioned above. Lodge pans are a great value, and with a bit of elbow grease can be made as good as the best cast iron out there. I spent some time sanding the pan smooth and then seasoning it and it's great to cook with now. How amazing to have a pan with...
  18. Dave2514g

    Is it too late to winterize?

    It needs to be folded up. However, you will only make things worse if the canvas is wet. As Far as winterizing; not sure what normal temps are in your area. Here we get at least a month of -20C or so average, so it's important to have it done. Probably a different story there. If it wont stay...
  19. Dave2514g

    Replaced electric winch motor and added a toolbox

    Replacing the electric winch with a hand crank unit is also on my list of things to do. Tool box looks great on there!
  20. Dave2514g

    Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?

    Nah, you're not under powered. In 2003 the HP went up from 146 to 154! Along with the massive 180ft lb of torque you should pull any trailer with ease! Engineering marvel to get that out of only three liters of displacement. All joking aside, those Vulcan 3L engines are indestructible and will...