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    2007 Fleetwood Highlander Niagara Whiffle Tree Issue

    Mine is extremely picky. On a sprit level it HAS to be in the lines.
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    2007 Fleetwood Highlander Niagara Whiffle Tree Issue

    Hi, had the exact same issue on my 2005 Fleetwood Niagara. Almost exactly the same. We tried the same fixes and nothin worked. So how did we fix it.... first a level your trailer. We use the bal leveler if needed. Do not put your stabilizer jacks down! Raise the roof first. I know it feels...
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    How to get curtain clips off the rail?

    https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3808291 They actually have some neat stuff. I search fleetwood, Have fun!
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    How to get curtain clips off the rail?

    Just incase you needed this. Thingaverse.com has a 3d printed model of the clips for free. I've printed a few now with my resin printer and they work OK. I'll try to find the link. Cheers 05 Fleetwood Niagara
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    Cant close PUP with 2" topper...

    I have a 05 fleetwood niagara, and 1 4inch jel pad and 1 3inch jelly pad on the end beds. I do not leave them there when closing. It would never work. I roll them up and put them in vacuume bags. They get very small and are easy to store. Another idea is getting 2 large plastic sheets and...
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    how do you um "do it" in the popup with kids

    LMAO, have had the same problem, BAL leveler helps also a really loud fan right by the kids bed ;) Enjoy your camping!
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    What’s the best pop up camper made from 2000 - 2010?

    I have the 2005 Fleetwood Niagara. New to me this year, and I have to say I love it. Family had been out for 2 trips so far and more to come. I've already reapholstered the cushions and done all the curtains as mine didn't have any, planning on doing a bunch more next spring.
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    2005 Fleetwood Niagara Highlander Renovation

    Wow this looks amazing!!! I have the exact same model and year. I've just started renovating as it is "new to us" this year. I am going to be doing white paint just like you but my colours are a little brighter ;) I'll try to get some pictures up. I do have a few questions though, What did you...
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    Cranky lowering

    Help! My trailer won't lower properly. Goes up great, but when lowering it, it fights. Feels like something is blocking it. If you wiggle it, it will go down about half a turn. It will go down but it's not a smooth ride. We've regreased everything that is supposed to be greased. Wiffle...
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    What are these?

    I got board and painted them one night ;)
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    What are these?

    Nope, they are just the home ones. They glow in the dark too, it makes backing up at night so much easier. And I always know I'm level.
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    What are these?

    Yeah, I'm planning on removing them they are really sharp and rusty. The stepping stone glow in the dark too. So that when we get home at night I know exactly where to park. (and what not to trip on) 😀
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    What are these?

    Ohh maybe, but why would they be so close to the ground? I have to admit the owners did a lot of odd things.
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    Awning Bag stitching failing - what to do?

    If you are in a bind and can stitch it yourself. I have fixed mine on the road with dental floss... it actually worked really well.
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    What are these?

    Hi, hope someone can tell me what these things are??? Both " brackets " are on the door side (passenger side of car) of my Fleetwood Niagara 2005 HW, on both ends just before the stabilizer jacks. Pictures attached. Thank you
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    Sibbald Point Provincial Park? How is it?

    Hi, I've never been to Sibbald point PP and I was wondering what its like? I need a flat site!!! as my DD can't walk on an incline. I'd like to hear your opinions please. I'm looking at site 436 2005 Fleetwood Niagara, TV: 16 Toyota Highlander
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    my taps do not turn off

    hi thanks for your reply, Its just the inside "kitchen sink" I think the cold water tap don't know for sure. Do you know any Canadian sites that would have anything. I've been having a heck for a time finding things that fit my camper up here. 2005 Fleetwood Niagara. Thanks so much.
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    my taps do not turn off

    Hello, I have a 2005 Fleetwood Niagara, new to us. First time cleaning out the water lines and holding tank. When using either the water hose attached to the trailer or the drinking water tank pump, my taps will not turn off. I can turn and turn them but nothing happens. Do I need new taps? The...
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    Roof condensation between the layers. What do i do?

    Yup, you are all right. We have a leak. So I think I need..... flexible vinyl insert. Silicone caulking. And some type of over all sealant, for tiny micro holes and such. (So in the pictures you can see they kept the front and sides nicely caulking but took it off the roof and just left it??)