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    PD4135 Converter- Do I need a battery?

    Thank you!
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    PD4135 Converter- Do I need a battery?

    I’m installing a new pd4135 converter in my Laredo. Hadn’t thought of this until now but do I need to install a battery? This camper has never had one and I don’t see the need to otherwise add one. Will it hurt the converter to just wire nut the battery wire? Thank you.
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    Roof vent addition

    Our Laredo (same as Taos except layout) didn’t have one either but did have a hole for a wood burning stove. I bought a maxxair fan and laid out the template nice and square and cut it out. I would just suggest finding a convenient spot where it won’t interfere when folded up.
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    Need help: 12v Voltage spikes and intermittent lights

    Very cool. Thanks for the help. It’s been a few months and I was actually thinking about the camper this morning. Your post motivated me to order a new converter. Looks like I “need” that park power also!
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    Need help: 12v Voltage spikes and intermittent lights

    I added a maxxair fan to my 1996 Laredo this week. I wired it in to one of the ceiling lights. Right away I get the common problem of it shutting off so I tested voltage. Without any lights on my voltage spikes to 19 volts. With both lights on the voltage stays low enough to not kick the fan...
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    Need help: Adding a Maxxfan

    Hello all. I’m adding a Maxxfan to my 1996 Laredo. It currently has no roof vent at all. I need help wiring it to the camper. I have yet to open it up this year. Can I power it off one of the ceiling lights? Looks like it only pulls 5amps. I could change to a LED if that helps. Thank you.
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    Hi from Green Bay, WI

    Hello. I’m Ben. My wife and I picked up our 1996 Coleman Laredo last summer from its original owner. We have a 2 year old girl. We have yet to take it out but hope to in a few weeks. It’s about as basic as you can get. No heater and no roof vent. I purchased a roof fan and plan to also add a...