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  1. OR_scott

    1Lb propane tanks

    I just found it much easier to use the 20lb with the converter hose for the appliances that use the 1lb bottle. I hate those little things. I always have a couple as backup but hate them!
  2. OR_scott

    Camping with snobs?

    That’s why you learn to appreciate and prefer camping in places without neighbors and without a charge.
  3. OR_scott

    Solo Stove Campfire

    I’ve had one of the small solo stoves for a several years and 2 summers ago bought a bigger patio unit with grill attachments. I love how they burn.
  4. OR_scott


    Maybe maybe not. There is at least one pro or con for every opinion on the internet. If they investigate well they will come to the understanding that we all have different styles and life needs. If they don’t then they win or loose. Simple as that really.
  5. OR_scott

    What changes when your dog comes camping?

    Never leave that little dog unattended. It’s possible there are predators that would take something that small. I’ve never really thought about camping without my dog. So it’s just normal.
  6. OR_scott

    Old Pop Ups not allowed in Malibu!!!

    This has been going on for years. 10 year rule. Many private rv parks not just ‘resorts’ follow this addition to my popup tent trailer I also have a vintage greyhound bus converted to an rv and 1/2 the time they let me in. I just don’t spend much time in rv parks because I don’t like...
  7. OR_scott

    School and camping...

    I’m a firm believer that church is important. But church doesn’t have to only happen within the 4 walls of a building labeled a church. The same goes for school. You can be schooling almost anywhere with kids. Barnyard or camp adventure. So many opportunities. State and board of Ed have a...
  8. OR_scott

    Pulling kids out of school

    Good attendance was a big deal in my family too. But we got to take a week off during hunting season. Half the school was out then (60-70’s). And the teachers sent homework for us. There are great educational opportunities in the wilderness. Those who don’t understand that have too limited &...
  9. OR_scott

    Solar panels

    I suspect Renogy like all global traders are having trouble with logistics delays. Could be getting chips to their manufacturers or even getting delivery into the US. Covid is still causing huge delays.
  10. OR_scott

    Solar panels

    I got the Alpicool LGCF55 with the LG compressor for camping and the Alpicool C9 for beverages in my SUV. I’ve had real good experience with both so far. The C9 goes off-roading a lot and is constantly making me smile with super cold refreshing bubbly waters. The little things in life. The SUV...
  11. OR_scott

    What changes when your dog comes camping?

    I’ve got a big dog so it’s not an issue for me. But with small and ‘toy’ size dogs you might be real careful leaving them outdoors unattended at all even tied to a lead or fenced area. I’m the PNW there are many birds and or small animals that could snatch a loved dog real quick. I often...
  12. OR_scott

    Moving to the dark...

    You can always do both. I have a big diesel for the highway and my popup for the back country. Love them both. But at this season in my life I’m doing more close to home back country trips and fewer 2000 mile road trips.
  13. OR_scott

    best portable toilet

    I’ve been using a camco premium travel toilet I bought from Amazon. I love the height and it’s sturdy.
  14. OR_scott

    Off Grid / CPAP power pack build started.

    I added solar to mine. I actually added solar to my pup and to my power generator/battery box. So much nicer than the sound of the generator. As long as you have sunlight. Some FS camping is pretty shaded I get that. Hope it works well and you have awesome camping! I can’t wait for a couple...
  15. OR_scott

    Non disabled people hogging ADA campsites? How?

    Sorry just saw your new thread on this issue.
  16. OR_scott

    Non disabled people hogging ADA campsites? How?

    dbhost, not to change the subject, but the CPAP are usually 12volt with a transformer anyway. They run fine off a battery. Or perhaps even one of those cheap solar generator type battery packs. Mine hasn’t had a problem running with the cig lighter style adapter. Frankly if I had to stay in...
  17. OR_scott

    Backup Plans / Just in Case Equipment

    Being able to ‘roll with the punches’ is always important when traveling. Period. Crap happens. You gotta keep a mindset to work the problem and move on. I also always have a backup. Two if possible. I think of all ‘systems’. Do I have multiple ways to resolve each in case of failure? I know...
  18. OR_scott

    Dry camping power problems

    Remember too to check the voltage on your battery. Those crappy converter/chargers they install in them will take many hours of being plugged in to fully charge a battery. Even when plugged in to 30amp plug. They just don’t have the mustard to pump the last 20-30lbs of pressure onto your...
  19. OR_scott

    USFS maps

    onX offroad, Avenza and Gaia all three have offline map features. I’m also a paper map/chart junkie so like the backup. If you are adventurous in Oregon there are so many wonderful NFS & BLM places to camp that aren’t in campgrounds. The agencies call it dispersed camping. Nothing better than a...
  20. OR_scott

    How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life)

    I’m one of those guys who thinks 2 is one and always try and have 3 sources or ways to do something. I use a French press, hand grinder, hand pump nespresso Wacaco, pour over and a $20 Walmart Keurig (which by the way lasts as long as the $150 ones I’ve had from Costco). I tend to boondock and...