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  1. nhcaveman

    Pit boss table top smoker.

    I'm in the Northeast, where did you get it? It's the table top pellet smoker, is it not? I'd pick one up for that price but it says $227.00 online. I have a propane Masterbuilt tabletop smoker and have taken it camping a couple of times. I bought it several years ago on the way to a Popup...
  2. nhcaveman

    Does the heater require propane

    Having had a (2007) Coachman Clipper Sport 806, (which is what I think you meant) you do need propane, and it will quickly drain both propane and battery if on 12 volt. when hooked up to electricity we used a $15. ceramic heater instead of the onboard furnace.
  3. nhcaveman

    Harvest Host doesn't allow PopUps

    Since the night we asked the host business if we could come with our friends who have Harvest Host I decided to loin ourselves. I've already made arrangements for an overnight about 200 miles from home in late September. We have tickets to an event and the host location, an orchard farm stand...
  4. nhcaveman

    Harvest Host doesn't allow PopUps

    So we actually did do a Harvest Host stay Friday night, and what a gorgeous spot and view. So our friends were able to get their rig out of the flooded campground mid afternoon. Fortunately for them although the water was high, it wasn't high enough to cause damage, Many others had very...
  5. nhcaveman

    Harvest Host doesn't allow PopUps

    As my popup wasn't self contained I wasn't aware of that.
  6. nhcaveman

    Harvest Host doesn't allow PopUps

    I was supposed to do a Harvest Host stay tonight, but our friends got flooded last night in the campground we were at last weekend, they stayed all week, and now cannot get their rig out due to flooding. They have HH, I do not. But I called the place they made a reservation to see if we could...
  7. nhcaveman

    Generators. Help?!

    I'm surprised you can even have all that in a popup. Unfortunately, others are correct in that you're asking too much for any type of off grid camping. For 10 years we had a popup, very small, and 70 percent of our camping was with hookups, and we had no A/C, and seldom used the furnace as a...
  8. nhcaveman

    Back To Basics?... Camping or Glamping?

    Although this is our third year with a travel trailer we previously camped in a small, basic popup for 10 seasons, and prior to that many years tenting. We do still dry camp at times and actually have no problem getting back to basics. Our last trips last fall were after winterizing, at the...
  9. nhcaveman

    2 batteries with meter and charger connection, yes or no?

    I have 2 batteries that I always connect in parallel, but would like to know if I can do the following. Add the connector for my charger the same way I connect the batteries to the camper, and will it charge both batteries safely during times camper is not being used but batteries need...
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  11. nhcaveman

    Dry camping power problems

    Anytime we have dry camped in the cold regardless if we use the furnace or the Big Buddy heater we used it sparingly. First we make sure we have an extra blanket on the bed, then we would run the heat until the camper was warm and shut it down and go to sleep. If I happen to wake during the...
  12. nhcaveman

    Coleman Roadtrip Grill to Pup High Pressure Disconnect

    I'm going t o have to disagree as not all Coleman RoadTrip grills are created equal. If you have the Coleman Roadtrip LXE, LXX or LX there are adapters such as the one I'll post from Propane Gear, similar adapters are also available from Amazon. However, if you have the Coleman Roadtrip 285...
  13. nhcaveman

    2021 MA Rally - Salisbury Beach State Park 7/16-18 CANCELLED

    Sorry you decided to cancel. I'm not opposed to attending a rally in MA but I just no way feel Salisbury Beach is worth $80 a night, and I've always like camping there. Maybe you should look into a private campground for a MA rally. There are private campgrounds in Salisbury, but none are on...
  14. nhcaveman

    Is a port-a-potty worth it?

    We had a Thetford 365 for nearly 10 years in the popup, the first couple years we used a shower tent for it, but eventually just had it in the popup. It was a great height, not too low, not too high, and had a pump to flush. We have dumped it down a sewer hookup a time or two when were were on...
  15. nhcaveman

    New Hampshire 2021 White Mountains Rally *** NEW DATE JULY 9-11, 2021***

    Yes, that's the right number, this is from an email I just received today: "please call 603 726 3867 and leave message. WE will call you back." The Benton family are a very old school Thornton family, well respected in the community, very good people, they own a Maple Sugar business, the...
  16. nhcaveman

    Alleviate wife's concerns

    Kyle, Your biggest issue may actually be finding places to boondock with a popup camper, here in the northeast there is very limited places where dispersed camping is allowed. In Massachusetts there is none I know of, here in New Hampshire, as well as in Vermont there are a few places for...
  17. nhcaveman

    New Hampshire 2021 White Mountains Rally *** NEW DATE JULY 9-11, 2021***

    Let me know if you can see the pictures now, I think I fixed it.
  18. nhcaveman

    2021 MA Rally - Salisbury Beach State Park 7/16-18 CANCELLED

    We tried to book 2 site in late October, actually the off season and regardless what the state website said, the sites were $80. for out of state residents. each per night after all the fees were added in. My friend even called and tried to explain what it said on the state website regarding...