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    My New Hobby - Cigar Box Guitars

    Thanks for the link! Shane Speal is the self-proclaimed King of the Cigar Box Guitar, and for good reason - he's primarily responsible for the vast majority of the info you'll find on the internet about them. He's co-authored several books on the subject and recorded at least 2 albums of his...
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    Tinted window replacement

    Nicely done! Very nicely done! If I may offer some unsolicited advice? Get some weatherproofing on that canvas ASAP. Sunbrella recommends 303 High Tech Fabric Protectant. It's kind of pricey, but it works really well. If you find that seams are leaking in the rain even after weatherproofing...
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    Tinted window replacement

    Sorry I missed this post - been back and forth between 2 states too much lately, and don't really know where I am half the time. Here's an online supplier for pup canvas, windows, and bunk end ceiling vinyl: According to the website, the tinted vinyl for...
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    cleaning canvas

    Your 2001 Coleman/Fleetwood pup should have Sunbrella canvas. Here's a link to the Care and Cleaning page on Sunbrella's website. I know the heading says it's for Marine Tops and Covers, but your canvas is the same fabric: It should...
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    Thought this was kinda cool!

    Yep - they were built and sold under the name Lil Bugger. Kind of fun looking, but that's just me.
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    cleaning mattress covers

    If I may make a suggestion (I know this is probably way too late, but...) On any upholstery that has seen pet use, or you're just concerned about getting it really clean, I highly recommend using cleaners and shampoos made for pet stains. They clean just as well as the other shampoos, but also...
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    Valances are done

    DH might have been absolutely right about making a hole with a soldering iron, but it really depends on the fabric. If it's 100% synthetic fabric, it would have most likely worked beautifully. If there is any cotton, wool, or other natural fiber in the fabric, however, it would turn into a...
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    Road Trip 2012 - Epic Expedition!

    WOW! Did you order the whiffletree before you checked it out? Sorry to hear you spent all that money on a whiffletree that you didn't need (yet,) but I'm glad everything went together okay and that you're back in business. We just got finished unloading from a camping trip to a local regional...
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    Valances are done

    Nicely done! You can try wrapping the cushion in thin layer of polyester batting to fill out the cover rather than stitching it here and there to fit the foam. It'll add a bit of an overstuffed look to the cushion, and it's a heck of a lot easier than taking the cover of and on several times...
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    Replacing Cushion covers

    Very nicely! Looks professionally done. Excellent job. Plaids can sometimes be a pain to match up the pattern on, but I wouldn't worry about it. It looks good. Well done!
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    Care for NEW canvas

    Complete instructions should come in the box with the canvas. If not, give Alan at Bear Creek a call, and he'll square you away. Good luck!
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    What is happening to the inside seam on tent of pup?

    I'd like to hear more about that, TerryEarp. I've never heard of a seam leaking due to vacuuming up disintegrating seam tape before. I suppose digging it out from in between the layers of fabric could cause leaks, and I've always recommended leaving any tape that's still attached tot he canvas...
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    Road Trip 2012 - Epic Expedition!

    Exactly - former Coleman/Fleetwood dealerships might still have some parts in stock. Just because Fleetwood closed it's operations doesn't mean the parts sitting in a dealer's parts dept vanished. They are getting scarce, but not impossible to find. I found another possible source for you...
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    Awning repair

    What kind of fabric is the awning made of? If it's a vinyl, then you'll need to patch it. If it's a cloth fabric, you can over-stitch it. Using contact cement in vinyl can be a hit and miss proposition. Sometimes it bonds well, sometimes it doesn't. The key is to get the vinyl as clean as...
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    mice damage-how to clean and replace

    The foam and undamaged covers can be easily salvaged. If you have, or have access to, a steam carpet cleaner with an upholstery wand (I call them the soak and suck type of cleaner,) this is a perfect time to use it. Get the type of carpet/upholstery shampoo made for pet stains. Pet stain shampoo...
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    Window screen repair?

    The only problem with fishing line is that it deteriorates relatively quickly. It's not made to withstand the UV rays from the sun. You can pick up a spool of 100% polyester thread just about anywhere (bonded or unbonded - it doesn't matter) for less than $1 a spool, in most cases. Polyester...
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    How can I repair the edging on the canvas?

    It's best to check with the pup's manufacturer to make sure, but I believe the 303 is safe to use on vinyl coated canvas. Big Baron: I may have several tips for you, but a pic of the tear would help. It all depends on where the tear is and how big it is.
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    What do you use to clean your clear soft vinyl windows?

    It's possible that the film you're seeing is a UV protectant layer that isn't supposed to come off. It's equally possible that it's a residue from the manufacturing process that should have been cleaned off at the factory or dealership. Cleaners and preservatives like Plexus are great for a...
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    What is happening to the inside seam on tent of pup?

    That's known as seam tape, and it will all eventually come off. Some of the people who sew canvases together use seam tape to help keep long pieces aligned together as they run it through the sewing machine. It's not something that's required by the manufacturer, or something every canvas has on...
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    Draw bar rotates- 1986 Coleman Tara

    What mv520 said. The whiffletree cover keeps the draw bar from rotating and twisting the cables. If you look at the inside of the cover, on the bottom, you can see where one edge of the draw bar or the other has ridden along the inside of the cover. When you clean and lube the whiffletree the...