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  1. tzmartin

    Newest "pop-up" to hit the market

    My new bumper sticker: "It drives real small and camps real big"
  2. tzmartin

    Weight distribution Town and Country

    I bought the equalizer 4 point sway and WDH model a long time ago. It's great because it does sway and wd in one I got it off craigslist for about 200 bucks. I replaced the factory bump stops with...
  3. tzmartin

    Bayside for sale - Atlanta Craigslist

    Hey there! Hope you're doing well! Too bad last November's rally at Stephen Foster SP got rained out. Maybe some redo is in the future? The PUP looks to be in great shape for a great price...if it's not a scam. I've never heard of Winston, Georgia but after looking it up it does exist west of...
  4. tzmartin

    '69 Lark Mai-Kai Hello, from Oregon!

    Welcome from the North Georgia Mountains. Love the exterior look of the trailer and the avocado fixtures inside! Enjoy the renovation work!
  5. tzmartin

    I'm Back...

    Hello and welcome back. I used to live in Mechanicsville (richmond) and Warrenton (just outside DC). Love VA!
  6. tzmartin

    Camping on a Florida Beach with Grandchildren

    St. Andrews is in the heart of PCB. Sites are on the bay side but has a great beach on the the other side of the park.
  7. tzmartin

    Removing Slideout

    Wow, that's a tough job. Good luck. I didn't remove my slideout from my coleman, but I put some flooring down underneath it to make it look good. For the coleman, I removed the "kick plate cover" on the interior. it was about twenty screws. Once that was removed I could see the rails the slide...
  8. tzmartin

    Popup rooftop bike rack ín online auction

    Hello there! I live in Clayton and have been a on this blog for about 8 years. I have a 1998 casa grande and have put a ton of miles on it. I already have a roof bike rack but your system looks good for someone who doesn't have the roof rails. Hope you sell it!
  9. tzmartin

    1968 Coleman CT-280 fix up

    Here's the owners manual which has a picture of the kitchen top that may or may not help you visualize your reno.
  10. tzmartin

    1968 Coleman CT-280 fix up

    Love your old camper. Here's the parts book that goes along with your camper. You may already have it. The camper is in exploded view and hard to see how the kitchen functions.
  11. tzmartin

    January 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    I got a new ultra flexible water hose for Christmas and plan to pack it in the camper. We were going to go to Dollywood between Christmas and New Years but decided to stay home. Looking forward to see how it performs.
  12. tzmartin

    Buc ees.

    We stopped at the one near Macon GA last October. We only stopped because my daughter pleaded with us. It was early on a Saturday morning and wasn't crowded. Got gas, brisket burritos, and left. Good experience. On the way back, it was packed as we were there in the afternoon. The second...
  13. tzmartin

    Campground Rules? Or really just suggestions to be ignored?

    “The code is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” – Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean
  14. tzmartin

    Gekko Pop Out Covers

    Their website is out of commission this morning. I hope they're still in business. I wanted to order a set for my christmas gift to the pup.
  15. tzmartin

    Gekko Pop Out Covers

    How well does the cover block out light?
  16. tzmartin

    Hello from Georgia

    Hello from Clayton, GA, up in the mountains.
  17. tzmartin

    Gekko Pop Out Covers

    Or maybe a discount code???
  18. tzmartin

    Gekko Pop Out Covers

    Steve should lend them out to all of us!
  19. tzmartin

    Time Zone Adjustment on the Portal

    I figured it out. My time zone was set for Reyavik Iceland! I'm EST now. Thanks, Steve.