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  1. bupkis

    Towing capacity - 2002 Fleetwood Niagra and 2016 Honda Odyssey

    TW limit due to cantilever action, heavy TW lifts the front wheels off the ground loosing steering and braking control. read the fine print under the chart that shows tow rating lowered by passengers. then try and find a maximum 'tongue load' other vehicle makers publish a tongue weight rating...
  2. bupkis

    What??!! No bed support poles needed!!

    they keep the center part of the PopUp from going to one side or the other. Cable support bunks do not lead to door gap opening with age (door gap closing [A])
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    Power Generator

    when the tooth pick vanishes the knife no longer works!
  4. bupkis

    Power Generator

    be interesting to know how much gas is used running the A/C say overnight?
  5. bupkis

    "South Texas"

    I like caves,
  6. bupkis

    Look at what I’m filling out.

    Is the address Sommerset? :eek:
  7. bupkis

    Hook up exterior propane stove direct to tank?

    I'll say no, not with a stove. Buddy heaters have a maze of small tubing internally. It only takes a small amount of plastizers to leach out of the propane hose to clog. Buddy suggest a filter when using unregulated propane from the container to the heater or to use their special hose. Years...
  8. bupkis

    Hook up exterior propane stove direct to tank?

    When coleman/fleetwood stopped using a coleman stove on high end models for outside they changed from 15 to 16 psi regulator for the outside connection and used unregulated stoves (relying on the 16 psi high pressure regulator at the 20 lb container). You can use one these unregulated stoves if...
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    Howdy from Texas!

    The pine needles in the first pic gave away you were east when that pic was taken!
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    1Lb propane tanks

    if you are happy then I am thrilled. While I have mostly left reusing bottles especial when my coleman tiki torch crapped out (they were not popular and not made anymore), I do have several bottles on hand at the ready for the single burner stove or lantern that screws onto of a bottle in case I...
  11. bupkis

    Propane system

    you inside appliances should be provided regulated low pressure, 11" water column or ~.4 psi. These days that is via a 2 stage RV regulator. Back then it was a single low pressure regulator (not to code now). Code would require a 2 stage that has a 10 psi as the first stage. Your out side stove...
  12. bupkis

    Thetford Cassette C200 series low flow solution found

    have you watched this you tube
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    Small generator

    I have 2 of these, one will not run the air cond nor will 2 tied together! A-iPower SUA2300i Ultra-Quiet Inverter Generator with Mobility Kit (CARB Compliant) Sam's club $399.98 currently
  14. bupkis

    Propane line size

    the buddy heater operates via low pressure internally, 11" water column, (like most backyard grills) it is intended to be supplied container pressure propane and its regulator drops that to 11" wc The big buddy has a quick connect (besides it standard screw on bottles that are regulated) that...
  15. bupkis

    What exactly is this? Don't make fun of me.... :)

    please take a picture of the way the battery is wired so you can put if back correct or mark all wires! that's a double circuit breaker for the electric lift like the link below generally they self reset if tripped, or have a reset button. Their amp rating to trip may be marked on the other...
  16. bupkis

    Switching out Converter

    the 8700 should have a red wire that goes where the old red wire went (wire nutted to the black) Where the old blue wire wire nutted, one of the colored 8700 should go there. The 8700 white wire (on the DC side) goes to the old white wire Whatever 8700 wire replaced the blue, that circuit needs...
  17. bupkis

    Fleetwood Yosemite stuck open

    I'd look for the hydraulic pump and find a relief valve to open. There could be a pull cable that is inop. There could be a solenoid that is not operating ... But gravity lowers the roof once the bypass is opened by various methods. Something holding the roof up would also prevent it from...
  18. bupkis

    High quality propane pigtail

    One feature of ACME propane connections is excess flow protection. The little ball moves with excess flow and limits flow! It can activate just by turning open the cylinder valve but should reset when the gas lines are full, Other safety feature, the plastic melts and the cylinder's spring...
  19. bupkis

    1995 Jayco jay 1007 popup red marker light in the back.

    did you try pushing in before/while turning? could be corroded in place!
  20. bupkis

    Do you leave the water heater anode rod installed through winter?

    grumpy plumber (50 years of plumbing) says to burns your money in lieu of flushing water heater!