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  1. lynnmarie0123

    For SALE lovely clean 2015 Flagstaff 176LTD popup

    Used no more than 5 or 6 times total, Pokey is good to go. Its road ready and perfect for a small family, a couple, or a single like me. With 2 pop out end bunks that create 1 queen and 1 full bed, plus a table/dinette/sitting area that converts to another twin bed; it can sleep 5-6 adults or 2...
  2. lynnmarie0123

    Aliner Ranger 10 For Sale 8750.00

    H Hi! Ive got a very well loved 2015 flagstaff 176 LTD 8ft box popup named Pokey for sale- in beautiful shape. Let me know if youre interested :) in baltimore MD LynnMarie
  3. lynnmarie0123

    My Rant for the day

    Yep happened to me too but only found out about the defects AFTER buying it. Needed an entire new lift system after my maiden voyage-which the day leaving, the top failed to go back down:( even by hand crank :( bought “as is” at a nearby dealer. Newbie.
  4. lynnmarie0123

    Generators. Help?!

    Thinking of boondocking but have no clue whatsoever what sort of generator i would need to run my large portable AC, portable ice maker, my one burner electric stove my microwave, and a small fan. (NOT ALL AT ONCE AT SAME TIME THOUGH ) so years ago i had a big, (2 foot long 2 foot tall maybe...
  5. lynnmarie0123

    Installed a window A.C.

    This is awesome. So, tell me more! I once saw this very same set up but the guy made his permanent by making it slide in and out. On rollers. So my question is how big is your pup? mine is the smallest kind-what temperature does it cool to in the heat of the summertime? I cant function if its...
  6. lynnmarie0123

    Installed a window A.C.

    Oh ok!! I see now. So, the unit does or doesnt roll in and out? It looks like you put in a slanted panel to direct airflow UP Yes?
  7. lynnmarie0123

    Arctic Air Ultra small a/c unit

    Thank you for that explanation. Its mind blowing to think canada can get THAT hot.....
  8. lynnmarie0123

    how do you um "do it" in the popup with kids

    Ya’ll are such a bad bunch. My hubbie wont camp with me so not even an issue! [email protected] ‼️‼️‼️ Plus my dogs dont like that nonsense when theyre tryin to sleep. Hehee
  9. lynnmarie0123

    Gizmos are very dissapointing!!!

    Today was the 1st test to see how well my new (ordered online) gizmos worked to cool my pup. In addition, i have ALL windows sealed with reflectix tape. Meaning i have custom made to fit, soLar shades on every window Between screens and plastic windows. Its super dark and super hot in there. It...
  10. lynnmarie0123

    Installed a window A.C.

    Has this kept your pup cool? The bunkends too for sleeping? Its great idea!!!!!!
  11. lynnmarie0123

    Arctic Air Ultra small a/c unit

    Ah. Makes sense ...
  12. lynnmarie0123

    Harvest host overnight camping

    Racism. Lol! PUP LIVES MATTER! jk of course!
  13. lynnmarie0123

    Harvest host overnight camping

    I am self contained!i have a porta potty and fully functioning indoor kitchen so again why?
  14. lynnmarie0123

    Arctic Air Ultra small a/c unit

    Anyone use these? Consumer Reports says they are well worth every penny. Im skeptical.
  15. lynnmarie0123

    Portable A/C unit outside the camper?

    My large tall portable AC unit sits inside, right on my smaller twin bunk, with the mattress off. Its just me camping. I can spare that room. So i put it in back left corner. I rig up exhaust hose to go out side window screening and pup is nice n cool. Gizmos and solar shades help with that...
  16. lynnmarie0123

    Installed a window A.C.

    Cold air sinks. I dont get how this will cool your pup ......
  17. lynnmarie0123

    Harvest host overnight camping

    No i havent sadly because they prohibit my regular popup :/ so wrong and i suspect they lose a ton of business ... i have no clue why either. Ive got everything they require. Not happy
  18. lynnmarie0123

    Harvest host overnight camping

    I love this idea because its an immersionary experience and you get to help out at the hosts site. I love that idea. Im not one to sit around doing nothing when i go camping. Im mad though they dont allow my pop up! anyone know why? Its a traditional kind.