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  1. Arruba

    Today in Yellowstone

    Could be worse:
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    Hello from Bellingham, WA

    Welcome from Central Oregon. Hope you find a good one.
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    Hello from central Illinois

    Welcome from Central Oregon. Enjoy your new to you unit!
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    DO Cooking

    If you, or anyone on here is looking for reference or how to stuff, in addition to Kent Rollins good stuff, look for CW, (C Dub) Welch stuff. He used to have a segment on Idaho Public Broadcasting, and I have a couple of his cook/how to books that I think are good. I suggest everyone plan to...
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    DO Cooking

    Yeah, that practice at home part helps. I’ve even cheated a couple times and just oiled it, loaded it and stuck it in my outdoor grill and just kinda baked in it. Good luck to everyone with your experimentation.
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    Blood pressure impact from owning an Aliner

    Oh yeah, I feel your pain and frustration. It‘s not exclusive to what I’ll call standard consumer stuff either. My favorite, (NOT) are the foreign call centers for Made in the USA products. Good luck with whatever you are trying to get assistance with.
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    I Should Have Known it was a Problem When . . .

    What they said is right on. If you haven’t already done it, good luck with your mod.
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    1968 Coleman CT-280 fix up

    This has truly been worth following, at least for me. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing the final product.
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    CO Test, and a warning to always use your vent fan when using the stove.

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, but here seems appropriate. I’ve had my CO detector alert me to a fault, at night, in my Tioga Motorhome of days past. The story is the on board generator exhaust developed a leak, and between that and still air that night allowed for the exhaust to build up and...
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    Daylight Savings

    There is some wisdom to that. Some smoke detectors are sold with 10 year batteries. Basically it corresponds to the recommended 10 year life span of the detector.
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    Original Yakima roof track (re-seal?)

    Yeah the roof racks can be problematic. I’ve seen a post on one of the other forums about an almost complete failure on a factory Coleman rack. As mentioned, a reseal and inspection, and possibly a deep consideration of how it is attached is not a bad idea. Good luck with your endeavor.
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    One light on

    When weather allows unhook the battery. If the light goes out, something is amiss in the wiring. If not then your trailer has a problem of spiritual, alien or gremlin like nature. Good luck achieving resolution 👾🛸
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    1976 Cox Cadet Resto

    Keep on building, I’m watching. Congratulations on your progress so far.
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    Brake Controller Question

    As mentioned by Davido, if you don’t have your controller yet, consider a Prodigy as they do have a pretty wide range of angle they can be mounted so probably can mount in more places. I have one and am happy with it. Mine came with the pocket mount as shown in your image from Etrailer. The...
  15. Arruba

    Top mount torflex lift?

    Dexter sells a lift kit for their, (And maybe your) axle models. It’s basically a pre drilled block and extra hardware. It’s reported on here to give somewhere between 2 and 3 inches of lift. If you run a search on this site, there is a moderate...
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    Brake Controller Question

    When you ask about “under the dash”, do you mean mounted to the bottom on the lip curl where the controller faces out towards the driver, or up and under the dash out of sight?
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    Seeking advise on Repairs

    I used wood hardener on the front corners of my roof sideboards. It seems to be working well, though I think how big of an area and how much damage is something to consider. In my case the areas while on both front corners, each were small and not highly degraded. The screws I put in cinched...
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    Greetings from the Midwest!

    Hello from Central Oregon. Good luck with your first launch, whenever that may be.
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    Snow camping - almost a disaster

    I just had my first Yurt experience a few weeks ago. I capitalized on a rapidly emergent opportunity to go Steelhead fishing with my Son. I stayed in one of the Yurts the RV Park had. In summary it was dry, warm and plenty roomy for my cot, drying my gear and eating Chinese food for 3 people...
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    Best sealant spray

    Kiwi has been in the shoe & fabric care business a long time. I think they make decent products. I think it was Kiwi I used on the lower portion and floor of my old 60 Second tent. Kept water from seeping through when caught in a typical Western summer rain shower.