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  1. brettstoner

    I Should Have Known it was a Problem When . . .

    I removed my old hand pump faucet, installed an electric water pump, and installed a home kitchen faucet. I then ran the pump to one handle and the other handle to city water connection. It’s a good setup and not too hard to do.
  2. brettstoner

    king bed is trying to kill me! DIY genius help needed to motorize bed.

    When you pull it out or push it back in do you lift the bed up a little? I find if I lift it up it will come out and go in much easier. I also removed the single pull strap and put two shoulder length apart to get a more even (left/right) pull. I am not sure on the motorized idea. It adds...
  3. brettstoner

    Closing up in the wet?

    Popup and hybrid so a little different but I seem to pack up in the rain/wet dew about 50% of the time. When I get home I open it back up the next warm dry day. (Stored outside in the driveway.) Sometimes I will even throw my basement 50 pint dehumidfier in the camper if it will be a few days of...
  4. brettstoner

    Brakes and Brake Assist

    I have a P2 brake controller and there is no way I would go back to a timer based brake controller. It is so smooth. Also I would not trust a critical safety item to Bluetooth. Might be handy in a pinch in a rental vehicle but otherwise better to go wired.
  5. brettstoner

    Front Cargo Lid for 2006 Coachman Clipper Sport

    Get all your measurements of it then call and ask them for one that would fit. Shipping would probably be a killer.
  6. brettstoner

    Front Cargo Lid for 2006 Coachman Clipper Sport

    I purchaed a new one from Forest River in 2020. Back then it was $150 with local pickup. It was for a different model than my camper but I gave them the measurements and they found one that would fit. I tried to buy parts last year from Forest River and they no longer do direct to customer. They...
  7. brettstoner

    So how long CAN you leave a 7-way connector plugged into your TV?

    You need to take a volt meter and see if your 7-way connector on the car has 12v or not when the car is off. If it does not have 12v when the car is off then the camper will not draw down your car battery (nor will it charge your battery when plugged into shore 120v). You could leave it...
  8. brettstoner

    Television at campsite?

    When we had our popup we didn't have a TV. Wife wanted one but me, eh, not so much. When we got the hybrid I installed a 24 inch Fire TV my wife bought. We usually get 50-70 OTA channels when camping although many of them we wouldn't watch. But we hotspot the TV with our phone and watch a...
  9. brettstoner

    "Burning in brakes"

    If it was me I would jack up each side, spin the tire, and adjust the brake. It is a 5 minute job. Crank the adjuster down till the wheel is hard to turn then back off until you hear the whoosh whoosh whoosh as the shoes lightly scrape the drum.
  10. brettstoner

    Fleetwood Evolution E1 Need Data sticker Pic

    My local sign shop prints these decals for about $10-15 each. My oldest decal on my landscape trailer is 10 years old and still looks same as new. Hasn't faded at all.
  11. brettstoner

    Mice prevention

    To remove the fridge vent use a coin or screwdriver and turn the black locks 90 degrees then pull out from the bottom. Replacement covers are pretty cheap. Do you have cats? I have 2 indoor/outdoor neutered cats and found they take care of any pest issues. They are fed everyday but they just...
  12. brettstoner

    Axle crossover wire...

    I have had 3 trailers with the wires ziptied to the top of the axles. No issues. Never had one come loose or ripped off from road debris.
  13. brettstoner

    Fleetwood Evolution E1 Need Data sticker Pic Email to a print shop and have them print on a 1 to 1 scale in outdoor UV rated white vinyl.
  14. brettstoner

    Refrigerator Hack

    On my popup I directed all airflow so the lower vent intake air would flow up through the fins and then out the top vent. From the factory there are many places where air will stagnate or go to the wrong place. I then installed 2 fans to help the natural airflow. Worked great and zero issues...
  15. brettstoner

    Ford EV lightning slammed in tow test

    This is exactly why. I don't agree with the government banning ICE to force people to buy EVs. If EVs are the proper application then they will naturally take over the market. But to force people into them, with all the current negatives, is not right. Right now certain applications fit EVs...
  16. brettstoner

    Domestic 3 way fridge questions

    Agreed. Baffles and fans make a huge difference! 20-30 drop in temperature. You need to bring cool air in from the bottom vent and get the hot air out the top vent with it passing through the condenser fins to cool them.
  17. brettstoner

    Kitchen Update

    That's what I have seen online as well looking at peel and stick tiles on Amazon. Rated for bathroom humidity but not water contact from shower.
  18. brettstoner

    Battery reads 13V but drops to 5V after turning on the battery disconnect switch

    That is my rough guess too. When I bought my camper it was exactly like this. Surface charge ran around 13v but as soon as a load was applied the voltage dropped below 9v. Battery was toast. Second best guess is either a poor electrical connection or a short or high load causing high amps to...
  19. brettstoner

    Kitchen Update

    I love it! Do you think tiles like this would work in the bathroom shower? I would love to peel and stick tile the bathroom shower walls. Right now it is just the regular walls caulked to the tub. Looks weird.
  20. brettstoner

    New AC unit malfunction

    Agreed! Sounds like a defect with the fan motor (or electrical connection with high resistance) drawing too many amps and blowing the breaker. That A/C unit should draw 14.9 amps at max load according to the manufacturer. Something is wrong with the unit. I would either warranty swap it or start...