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    not Alarming

    I called forest River and talked to their warranty guy. Says in the manual to check and maintain every 3 months. I told him I don't see cracks now so I would not have seen any 3, 6, 9, or 12 months ago. I spent 16000.00 on a pup and have had heater problems, battery problems. The liitle door to...
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    not Alarming

    Figure I would start a new thread. I called the service dept. and lo and behold, they said exactly what I thought they would say, I have to check all the seals every three months. WHAT!!!! I knew they would blame it on me...ANYONE in the SE PA area, never go to MEDIA camping center. They have 3...
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    Strange thing happened...Got a call at 6AM from next door saying my smoke alarm in the pup was keeping them awake. I don't like them anyway(hehe). problem was, pup has been closed up for over a month. I raised the roof just enough to fit in there and pull the battery. I unhooked the cover to the...
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    1st time using awning

    If I can't set up before I raise the roof, and I don't bring a 6' ladder, I'm screwed.
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    Backing up a camper

    I feel your pain. I don't have problems at the sites, but I could charge admission to let people watch me back into my driveway. I don't live on a wide street. And if there is a parked car right across from my driveway it gets real hairy. When I get it in just enough to fit my wifes car in then...
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    First time with hook ups

    I have a fresh water tank but never use it so I can't help there. For my gray water, I was emptying into a bucket then pouring down the sewer pipe at the cg. But now I rigged up some pvc and a sewer hose to do that. As for 50 amp service, 50 is for the big boys. My pup uses 30 amp for my a/c...
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    injury in the family

    My poor tv just got walloped this morning. Funny thing was, I stopped by my sis-inlaws house to do a favor for her because her car got walloped an hr before. I drove up the street to make a left turn into a driveway to turn around and some clown decided to cross the double yellow lines and pass...
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    Things NOT to do when camping

    My awning went a flippin over the weekend. Nothing happened thank god. But last yr I broke one of the poles. Maybe 2 dollars worth of aluminum and Flagstaff wanted 110.00 to replace one half of the frame. All I needed was a 3ft part that slides in and out. So now I spare parts.
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    now I've seen it all

    Ok ok. not camping related but this is too funny not to share. Evian Roller Babies international version
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    My dealer told me to use a gal of bleach and 9/10 gals of water. My black and gray tanks are both 12 gals. I load up. Drive to CG to swirl it around and drain them when I get there. Before I leave I just flush out the tanks with water and a little bleach.
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    Chock Size

    Mosebyranger, you must own one of those smart trailers. [8D]
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    FreeMason Campers

    I don't belong to any fraternity. I haven't seen any campers in need of help on the road yet. I would stop and help any way could though. But I can't say I'd stop for everyone. I usually have my wife and kid with me and their safety is number 1. I figure campers(and I hope I'm right) are just...
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    camping with parakeets

    Took my dog camping every time so far with no issues. My son talked me into getting him a couple of parakeets. So i guess if I can't get a bird sitter I'll be bringing them along. They are pretty quiet at night but who knows what will happen in the pup. Gonna be an adventure.
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    Is motorized crank worth it?

    My Flagstaff has a motorized crank.........good thing too...I killed the battery one time and had to hand crank up and down........I would say it took maybe 8 or 900 cranks to get it up , then the same to get it down. Just the way it's geared. The one problem if it is a problem, is that I have...
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    saw a pup for free

    here is what I was thinking.....I could sell it as-is......or at the very least, take it apart and have a trailer...constantly hauling things that barely fit in my truck...time, I have plenty of...
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    Karma -- mmmmmmmm

    As soon as I hit the lotto, I'll move up to a motorhome and hold a raffle for my HW.
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    saw a pup for free

    Just saw an ad on craigslist. free old pup...roof has water damage and canvas has holse from mice. no pics. I emailed the guy or gal. Maybe worth a couple of hundred. Wonder what the dw would think pulling into the driveway and seing 2 pups there. [:D]
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    Please be carefull out there

    So sorry about this loss. I'm a biker and I have been lucky. But I know some people who haven't been. You have to respect your bikes, atvs or whatever and respect the danger involved. And yes, know your limitations.
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    How young a camper are you?

    48..........dw 46........ds 7
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    top half swaying

    Not sure what topic to post this on so here goes nothing. I have my pup up in my driveway. I always do this after camping to do mods or clean out. The other day we had a wicked storm. Just about 8 or 9 mins but it was bad. I wasn't at home and didn't expect it. One of the poles(the one that...