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  1. roybraddy

    My father passed this month

    Sorry for you loss... 2020 sure has a lot of thing on-going... Just read this on-line.. "On December 21, Saturn and Jupiter will align into a beautiful bright star. This will be the first time they align like this since the Middle Ages." Has not happened for some 800 years ... Will look...
  2. roybraddy

    Will this work as a trickle charger over winter?

    I picked up one of these 10WATT Portable Solar Panels from an auto parts store with clips on cables... Works great for a portable 12VDC trickle charger... When not being used for my batteries I have it laying in the windshield area of my truck plugged into an always hot 12v iighter...
  3. roybraddy

    Music and Camping?

    I use those BLUE TOOTH Pocket speakers... They have great sound quality and only ME can hear them... I can walk around 100 feet or so around my POPUP trailer and stay logged into the bluetooth setup I have... Roy Ken
  4. roybraddy

    Anyone use a door alarm?

    I was camping at ELKMONT in the smokies one time and across the side road was another camper all setup. He had a rather big GENSET chained to a tree... He was rather proud of his genset... I got the tour on well it worked for him haha... I left camp one morning and came back a couple of...
  5. roybraddy

    Anyone use a door alarm?

    I use motion detector that turns on outside lights ... My PUP has the velco strip around the door and all you do is slip you hand inside the door and open it from the inside haha... Standing in front of the door with groceries it is faster doing this them fumbling around for the door keys...
  6. roybraddy

    How late do you stay up?

    We all pretty much inside between 10 and 11PM... It is usually very peaceful at regular campground during this time... If we are off road we might set outside for a really late hour watching the fire burn... Roy Ken
  7. roybraddy

    92 Jayco won’t go all the way down?!? Stops with a thud!!

    Make sure the trailer is on level ground... I had similar problem with my OFFROAD POPUP... It would go down half way and stop. Moved the trailer to a more level spot and it worked ok after that... My other thought is you may have something on the inside up higher that the trailer walls...
  8. roybraddy

    Flies Flies Flies

    We get alot of flies and knats when we camp off the Atlantic Coast in SC... When we leave it is usually heading West to go somewhere (Gatlinburg i.e.) and then we pull off and de-bug the camper.. No telling how many bugs and flies and mosquitoes we have relocated over the years haha Roy Ken
  9. roybraddy

    Generator Noise

    I can sit my Honda 2KW Generator in my truck bed that has folding bed covers on top of it... I will put a stick on the front end of the folding bed cover to allow the generator fumes to exit... Then I close up the tail gate... Pretty quiet for me... Of course I have to do alot of...
  10. roybraddy

    Do you prefer "on top or on bottom"? :)

    I put those 2X2 foot carpet squares with sticky bottoms from Lowes on both tent bed floors... I also have a 3-inch foam on the Tent Bed we sleep in... Works great for us... Roy Ken
  11. roybraddy

    converting to led lights

    I was hearing the 921 bulbs were really really hot and scorching the ceiling behind the fixtures... I pulled my POPUP ceiling lights down and this is what it looked like on my ceiling. This is not my photo but it looked just like this on the ceilings... I found LED adapters online and...
  12. roybraddy

    New WIP

    Welcome aboard from Virginia... I take it WIP means "Work In Progress"? hehe... At least when you are done you will know where everything is... Roy Ken
  13. roybraddy

    How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life)

    Sometimes we have to use our backup coffee making using the stove top. This makes good coffee for us too.. Sure like the thermos on our main coffee maker however... Keeps coffee hot along time with no energy being used... Always try to have a good plan B for things that matter the most...
  14. roybraddy

    Running lights on DC battery

    My Battery monitor panel is just inside the door and when the battery banks read 12.0VDC this tells me I am about half charge state. Then its time to shut down and use my 2KW Generator that is always in the tail gate corner of my covered and secured truck bed. It takes me around...
  15. roybraddy

    Running lights on DC battery

    Why not try this out in your driveway or back yard... This is what we do alot... Great doing experiments at home as WALMART and LOWES is close by haha... If it runs your battery down at home then you can recharge and try something else... Roy Ken
  16. roybraddy

    Additional mini fridge

    I have two of these Galanz 3.1 CU FT Mini Fridges.. They are great. Hooked up in the house but have taken one on a couple of trips... This has the separate freezer door... Freezes up good in the top and ice cold in the bottom.. WALMART currently have them with a great $134 price...
  17. roybraddy

    Grey water to sewer?

    My Cassett Toilet only uses the pull out tank on wheels... My GREY WATER is captured with two 7.5 gal tote tanks... When one gets full I switch the hose to the other one. When at campgrounds with bathhouse I tote both of these when they need to be dumped. When camping off grid however I...
  18. roybraddy

    Mattress question

    On my POPUP I installed those 2ft by 2 ft carper squares with sticky back on the tent bed floor. Cut out around thing that were installed and this make a a very tight setup and cushion for the mattress on top of it. Then we use those 2x2x30 foam strips from WALMART that is normalled used to...
  19. roybraddy

    Installing cigarette lighter for 12V power

    Not sure who this was directed to... My rule of thumb has always been no more than two connections being made at one connection post. What alot of guys do is install a couple of terminal blocks near the battery with short cables. Then you can make POSITIVE connections and FRAME GROUND...
  20. roybraddy

    Installing cigarette lighter for 12V power

    Hung out with SPAWAR CHARLESTON Engineers too much in my working years haha I even installed PVC PIPE under my trailer and tied in a bunch of electric junction boxes under my cabinets etc... Since the junction boxes have weather tight lids on the bottom I can snake wires and cables to all of...