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  1. benfrench

    Oh oh! Did I wait too long

    We stay at a campground just outside West Yellowstone. I love Yellowstone and being in the park, but also like to have at least electric. We stay at Henrys Lake State Park in Island Park, ID.
  2. benfrench

    Uh Oh! Another One Goes to the Dark Side!

    We don't have solar as of yet, our amount of dry camping doesn't make it overly cost effective for me as of yet. I had 300W of solar on my TT, but left them on there when I sold it. The MH is "Solar-Ready" so, I have a plug on the outside for a specific brand of Solar Suitcase type thing, which...
  3. benfrench

    Oh oh! Did I wait too long

    Awesome! We are headed out to Yellowstone end of May beginning of June. Very much looking forward to our trip.
  4. benfrench

    Uh Oh! Another One Goes to the Dark Side!

    Welcome to the Dark Side! We have a 12v Fridge and we find that it will kill our batteries overnight, they may be efficient, but I don't see it. I would much rather a 2 way fridge for boon docking. Requires us to run the genset a lot more than I would like for quiet, forest camping. Everything...
  5. benfrench

    Hello from Virginia

    Welcome from King George, VA!
  6. benfrench

    Oh oh! Did I wait too long

    What's on the map this year Steve? Would love to see you if you happen into the VA area again.
  7. benfrench

    7th Annual 2022 Northeast PA Rally

    We were just there for a night on our way back to VA from MA. That was my second trip to this campground and what an awesome park. May have to check our calendar for next year and see if we can join you there.
  8. benfrench

    Newport News campground

    We are staying there over Thanksgiving this year. Going to day trip into Colonial Williamsburg. Never stayed at that campground, but really looking forward to it. -B
  9. benfrench

    Jumped into the Dark Side

    For those that asked for inside shots... here they are. :-)
  10. benfrench

    Jumped into the Dark Side

    Well, After having several pop-ups, and then moving into a camper van and then a travel trailer, we took a huge plunge and bought a 30' Class C Motorhome! It fits with how we want to travel now. I am hoping to still be welcome around the campfire...both virtual and in person at rallies. :)...
  11. benfrench

    My new life - retired and full time!

    Dennis, Great blog! Enjoyed reading all the entries and hoping to meet up with you when you are in MD. -B
  12. benfrench

    Yellowstone 2017

    We took only Wed-Fri to get there, which was a really fast pace with 4 drivers and 2 vehicles. I would recommend slowing that down a bit. We were at Henry's Lake for 5 nights, with 3 days in Yellowstone and a couple of days around the area in Idaho. We found a nice river to drop the kids into...
  13. benfrench

    Yellowstone 2017

    It was a combination of the fact that we came in at night, how far off the beaten path it was, and the fact that there were almost no people visible through the whole stay.
  14. benfrench

    Yellowstone 2017

    Well, I have been meaning to do this, but life happened and I kept forgetting to get on here and actually post about the trip. We packed up 6 adults and 6 kids and headed West with 2 vehicles and a trailer. We had an absolutely awesome time. We stayed in Idaho at Henry's Lake State Park and it...
  15. benfrench

    3rd Annual 2018 Northeast PA Rally

    As soon as my last trip's travel pay from work gets paid out, I will make the reservations. :-)
  16. benfrench

    2018 Maryland Rally

    I may be in for this. I will let you know soon. :-)
  17. benfrench

    3rd Annual 2018 Northeast PA Rally

    Pretty sure I am in. Will have to confirm soon, and you know, make reservations and all that....
  18. benfrench

    Virginia Pop-Ups Unite!

    Not sure I would be able to make a trip next year as I am still financially recovering from my caravan out to Idaho this past summer, but I am up for the weekend warrior trips in VA. I live in Prince William County.
  19. benfrench

    Labor Day Weekend 2017?

    Wondering if there is anything going on Labor Day weekend....thinking about making a trip to Letchworth State Park in NY....any interest?
  20. benfrench

    Crazy Horse For the 4th

    I used to go there as a kid, and then as a grown up I went every year for Labor Day weekend until they sold it. Haven't been there since. I enjoyed the campground, there are not a lot of bathrooms, however, it is a nice quiet campground.