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    Camping with lightning

    I've asked the question before-just how safe are we in a popup with a thunderstorm? Never had a final answer. With all the trees so close I just hightail it to the TV or bathhouse. I had my friend pose a question one night I really had not considered-"can this things roof fall on me while I'm...
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    Slumming it

    We only use ours for sleeping and the fridge for bottled drinks. We are in bear country also. Most of the time we don't even hook up the water. DH HAS to have the air. I prefer the "natural "air and katydids :) Easy come, easy go [:D]
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    Waterproof containers for cooler?

    I find that saving my used glass jars is a great way to keep water out.Worked really good on our last outing and just throw away when empty-YAY- no washing dishes [:D]
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    What was your scariest moment with your pup/TT?

    We weathered a storm Tuesday night. Makes me wonder just how safe we are with all the lightning [?]
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    Paradise in the North Georgia Mtns

    This will be our third week in a row going to Vogel. We only get to stay a couple of days at a time due to work and gardening. It is only 12 miles from home. We are close enough to run home and check on elderly parents if need be. We have checked out ALOT of the state parks and can find none...
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    Bunkends, think I expected a bit much

    I know the PUGS make a difference but they are just too aggravating to put on!! [?:~{]
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    Very tiny hairline cracks, Coleman ABS roof

    Don't have any pics yet. We rubbed the top with the green Scotch(i think) pads and wiped it down with acetone. Then you are ready to roll it on. The Grizzly Grip comes with all the instructions. Got it all done for about $100. I called them instead of ordering thru the internet. They know...
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    Very tiny hairline cracks, Coleman ABS roof

    We also had the hairline cracks appear this year. Just last week we coated the roof with the Grizzly Grip. Really easy and looks great! Not as complicated as we thought! All done and ready to roll [:D]
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    What do you hate most about camping?

    trash burning in the fire ring!!!! ssshhheeewwww!!
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    May 2011 Recipe of the Month

    We do the foil packs at home also when we are especially busy. At camp we like to cook in a tin can with heavy duty foil on top in the fire pit. We used to use coffee cans before plastic or cardboard. Cans are becoming extinct! [:D]
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    roof hairline cracks

    Thank you so much for the simple explanation!!! I did locate a kit online. Looks like I have some work to do!!
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    roof hairline cracks

    Sorry, just been informed it is an '01!!
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    roof hairline cracks

    I want to say I have an '06 Coleman Sante FE. We first noticed the cracks when we got it out from a covered storage lsat month. There are several around the edge I know but I also need to check the top a little better.
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    roof hairline cracks

    Hope you people can help me-I have read some of the posts on roof repairs for Coleman campers. Ours has just developed hairline cracks. We asked for the MEK at our local HD but they didn't know what we were talking about. We picked up some Loctite marine epoxy for fiberglass. Is this what we...
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    [:!] I have read the posts about mice while storing a pup. My question is has anyone ever had a mouse get in while camping? I noticed a mouse had been run over in the campsite while waiting for my husband to back the pup in. We stayed 4 nights and lo and behold we had a mouse on the 3rd night...
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    Seams are "shedding"

    Our Coleman Santa Fe is doing the same thing. Forever cleaning this up!
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    where do you store your pots/pans?

    All our cookware is in cabinet directly across from the stove/sink right now. I do plan to move them to a plastic container for the TV for our next trip in about 10 days. Just to be on the safe side I will be taking more precautions because of bears. They tend to frequent our favorite...
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    cabinset fronts

    Cabinets are looking great! Now I want to redo EVERYTHING! Thanks for the tips!
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    cabinset fronts

    Thanks! We will attempt this and will let you know how many arguments we have during the process! [:D]
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    cabinset fronts

    Sorry i should have used spell check!