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    SOLD - 1999 Jayco Eagle 12SO Project - Dallas, Texas

    We got this back in the spring to remodel but our plans have changed. New Wheels and Tires New AC Fan Cleaned interior and and all mattress and cushion covers. Canvas is useable if patched (Currently on the wait list for a new canvas and can pass that spot along to you so you don’t...
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    Family of 5

    Hello from Wylie, Texas! We are a family of five as well. Currently fixing up a 1999 Jayco Eagle that we got for free.
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    Big River Water Park & Adventures RV Park in New Caney Discriminates Against Popups

    Sounds like they never mentioned finances at all.
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    Big River Water Park & Adventures RV Park in New Caney Discriminates Against Popups

    If that is the case, how can you claim it is financial discrimination?
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    Big River Water Park & Adventures RV Park in New Caney Discriminates Against Popups

    There are several examples of pop ups that are more expensive than hard sided campers. If anything it is based on looks, not price/value.
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    1999 Jayco Eagle 12 UDK Remodel

    Looks like a good start. I just started on a 99 Eagle 12SO that I got for free. I have a thread for it here as well. We ordered new canvas and it's looking like it will be here in February.
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    New or newish lift systems

    My sister in law has a 2019 or 2020 Flagstaff high wall. There is a switch to raise and lower the roof right near the tongue jack.
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    1998 Coleman Niagara Value

    I don't really have any advice on the price, but you can still test the electric as it sits. Get a heavy duty extension cord and a 30amp adapter. You may not be able to run everything at once (if I turn my AC on the outlets shut off on home power), but it will at least give you an idea of what...
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    How Waterproof are Popup Gizmos???

    Awesome, thank you! I am local to Bob, turns out we have a mutual friend. I'm looking forward to doing business with him.
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    How Waterproof are Popup Gizmos???

    I know this is a super old thread but I appreciate the feedback. I have two fist size holes above my front bed. New canvas is ordered but it is about 9 months out. I was going to go with Gorilla tape and pugs as well.
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    BearCreek Canvas

    That looks really good! Did your slide out always have three windows? Ours just has one at the end but it would be nice if the others were added.
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    BearCreek Canvas

    Just got the order confirmation for mine. Looking like late January.
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    BearCreek Canvas

    Looking forward to getting mine!
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    BearCreek Canvas

    Thanks! I like the clean look without having to use the factory curtains. Ours are a great blend of 1999 pink and teal :)
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    BearCreek Canvas

    Does anyone have some interior pictures of their new canvas?
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    Convincing significant other of Pop UP

    Very nice. We have a 1999 Eagle 12SO. It's a work in progress.
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    BearCreek Canvas

    Just put my order in. I'll have new canvas in 34 weeks! :D