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    Looking for a 2001 Coleman Fleetwood Storage Compartment Door

    Hi, I have a Coleman Fleetwood Pop up Utah , and I went to open the storage compartment door in the freezing cold to remove my jumper cables, and it cracked up like a piece of glass. It was under 10 degrees F . Does any one know where to purchase one new or used? I would appreciate help in this...
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    Coleman Body Panel Repair

    Going to attempt this repair this weekend and will post some pictures. Thanks for the info and the pictures!
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    Coleman Body Panel Repair

    Ok Raycfe: I will give that a try and appreciate the info. Thanks!
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    Coleman Body Panel Repair

    Hi Rinodave, I have a problem with my Coleman Fleetwood Utah 's Rear panel comming lose on 1 side. and was wondering if anyone knew how it is attaches to the frame.
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    ??? Campground Theft, How Often ???

    I have been camping for 32 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and mostly upstate NY, and the only thing someone ever tried to walk away with is a plastic table cloth. I never lost ant equipment even though I leave my campsite often to visit other areas.
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    Hi Everyone,my name is Joe Guttieri

    Hi Kitphantom, Thank You for the hint . I will add my popup's information to my storyline,and use that method to ask my questions for repair info. Thanks again for your help !
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    Hi Everyone,my name is Joe Guttieri

    I recently Purchased a 2001 Coleman Fleetwood Utah pop up camper.It is in relatively good shape, but has some issues I was hoping to discuss with fellow popup owners. I have had a popup years ago and looking foward to popup camping again instead of tent camping. We live in Long Island, New York...