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  1. bheff

    Gas prices

    Ill just switch styles of camping and the mode of transportation to get there.
  2. bheff

    Battery cable connection?

    It is odd to me that the company puts conflicting numbers on the converter. Maybe the keyword is "max". I'm reading that as it can be up to 30amps but as wired only 20 amp fuses should be used?...hmm
  3. bheff

    Battery cable connection?

    What picture are you looking at? Here it is blown up...
  4. bheff

    Battery cable connection?

    P.s. When you get the battery wired correctly, take a picture. Then you'll always have it handy just in case. That silver box silver box attached to the positive terminal is an automatic resetting circuit breaker so to speak. It may be bad. Use a multimeter to see if current is flowing thru it.
  5. bheff

    Battery cable connection?

    On that door that folded down there is a list on the right side, it tells you what is ran on that fuse.
  6. bheff

    Time to go dark with a motor. Flagstaff 625D for sale

    Selling my Flagstaff 625D popup to fund the sales tax on a motorhome. It is in great shape and everything works as intended. Electric lift, slide out. A/C, water heater, propane heater, inside potty and shower, new tires this year (60 miles on them), king and queen bed as well as the couch and...
  7. bheff

    Where to find MEK??

    Any paint store?
  8. bheff

    Campground Maps for all OK state parks and USACE campgrounds available!

    Doubt it, the originally poster hasnt been around since 2016
  9. bheff

    Anyone paint exterior?

    Many have had success with Rustoleum boat paint. Google "roll and tip". I've built and restored several boats with this method and the results are pretty amazing.
  10. bheff

    Lock on door?

    Yes, they have locks when popped up. Everyone I have had locks. Some will automatically unlock if used from the inside, some wont.
  11. bheff

    Nobody Told Me.......

  12. bheff

    Interior faucet Repair

    Lowes, Home depot or any box store that sells plumbing
  13. bheff

    Camping Alone

    Use it on the lift arms. They pivot in the middle. But it may put too much pressure on a single corner.
  14. bheff

    2011 Viking 12v power issues

    I had an inline fuse coming off the battery to the converter. There was a fuse holder that was pretty hidden before it went into the box. Follow your positive wire and make sure there isnt a hidden fuse.
  15. bheff

    Camping Alone

    Found it....wonder if this idea couldnt be used on your lift arms?
  16. bheff

    Camping Alone

    OP, your popup looks to be in great shape for its age. I remember a person made a leverage bar for his A-liner. I'll see if I can find the video. Maybe fabricating a similar leverage bar would help. BRB
  17. bheff

    Camping Alone

    Hers are factory and have a hinge in the middle.