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    Everything reeks of dryer sheets

    Get bag of regular charcoal. Use pasteboard boxes or aluminum pans about 9x11 size. Pour flat layer of charcoal in each. Let sit couple days. If you put 4 out absorbs faster but 2 will do. Tah Dah!!! Odor gone plus you can still use the charcoal.
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    This is my 2nd post about my bunk not sliding out. After numerous attempts to find every problem obvious or hidden, I finally found the PROBLEM. THE SLIDE ON CURB SIDE IS BENT. The slide bar that goes into the metal casing is bent. It obviously happened unknown to PO. SO NOW HOW DO I BEND IT...
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    OTC items are okay but usually not effective very long. Roaches can be bothersome. If you take away food source, no water and keep things neat and tidy, you might still get them. They move about in boxes, magazines, clothes. etc. I would buy roach traps. Also if in Florida you might get...
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    Bed Slide NOT Sliding UPDATE!

    I thought about if there were locking pins but can't find any. I was also thinking why it reaches a certain point and a dead STOP no matter what I try. Perhaps something could be in the track, but I can't find a way to see inside there. Maybe I'll slide a mirror along it or perhaps some type...
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    Bed Slide NOT Sliding UPDATE!

    Yes NLB I did look many times for anything that could possibly cause the issue. The bed slides about 1/2 to 3/4 out and then jams. Please share any other ideas with me. Thank you!
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    Bed Slide NOT Sliding UPDATE!

    Yes. I have tried everything I can find on this site plus any other sources of information. I am going to try to level everything once more. I think I need to use the long and shorter levels.
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    Bed Slide NOT Sliding UPDATE!

    UPDATE: AHA! I finally found what caused the issue! The bar is bent that is in the slide casing! NOW MY QUESTION IS THIS??? HOW DO I STRAIGHTEN IT AS IT IS INSIDE CASING? It got bent when the 2 slides overlapped each other. Original post!!! My new to me PUP is a fixer upper. 1996 Dutchman...