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  1. Wrenchgear

    Weight distribution Town and Country

    Many/most Pup frames are not strong enough to use a WDH on them. If you are going that route, make sure the trailer you buy can handle that set up. When I was towing with Grand Caravans, I installed Timbren Suspension Enhancement rubbers in the back of mine. Very easy to install at home (truly...
  2. Wrenchgear

    Dual batteries

    My Pup came with no battery at all. The original owner/purchaser ordered it like that. I'm the second owner. He had it for 3-4 years, and I've had it for 17 years now. Very early on I put a batt on it. I use a single #27 deep cycle for it and get by pretty good with it. I'll get a full week out...
  3. Wrenchgear

    Skamper in Ontario

    Welcome to the Portal from the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Glad to have you join.
  4. Wrenchgear

    Cold Weather PUP Camping

    We go Sept camping every year for around 10 nights. Most nights it goes down to -1 or -2 C, daytime highs of maybe around 5 C. I don't have gizzmos or anything like that on the Pup, so it looses heat quickly. I find that the furnace can barely keep up, and cycles off and then back on very...
  5. Wrenchgear

    NOT Attempted propane tank theft (updated title)

    Coming back from camping a few years ago, we had a similar situation to the OG. I have my battery on the rear bumper of the Pup. It's in a home made wooden box thats painted (by Mrs. Wrench no less) to look like a case of beer. People have actually flagged me down and mentioned that I left my...
  6. Wrenchgear

    Favorite Youtube RV/camping related channels?

    My wife's favorite Youtube channel is .... Wrenchgear's Adventures It's a small channel just starting out. Not much camping stuff on there yet, but I'm getting around to it. We are burried in snow up here right now, so not much camping is getting done. Please click the subscribe icon in the...
  7. Wrenchgear

    Merry Christmas everybody

    Merry Christmas to everyone here. The solstice has past and we are heading back to summer and camping season!!
  8. Wrenchgear

    Winter Storage Idea ?

    The original poster hasn't been seen on here in almost 10 years, so I don't think you'll be getting a response from him. I think this sounds like a great idea though. Mine gets stored inside all year long, so I don't have any experience with this technique, but it all seems good.
  9. Wrenchgear

    NPS Gives Warning It Shouldn’t Have To: Don’t Lick This Toad

    Yup, same as having to put warnings on car batteries not to drink the contents, duh!
  10. Wrenchgear

    Watch the Prices

    Here in Ontario, (I don't know of other provinces), we have a thing called 'the scanning code of practice'. If you get charged a higher price at the cash registered than what is in the flyer, or shown on the shelf, they get nailed for it. So the deal is that you need to have bought and paid for...
  11. Wrenchgear

    Camping days are over for a while!

    Ah yes, the tire tax. There is an extra tire tax put onto tires that is supposed to pay for recycling of old tires. I think that companies are not supposed to charge the tire tax anymore, but most still do. This is/was a $5 per tire tax that was added on at time of sale. The problem was that it...
  12. Wrenchgear

    Camping days are over for a while!

    Ok, getting back to Grampa Don's original post I'm going to try and turn this all into US units to make it a little easier to compare. This past summer we made 2 trips to our favorite park. (19 days and 10 days). It's just over a 6 hour drive one way. However, the first time going, we needed...
  13. Wrenchgear


    First of all, I'm glad that everyone is safe and there were no injuries (or worse). Where is your regulator located? Mine is at the tank, outside on the tongue of the trailer. I don't understand how the gas can get into the trailer from out there. The vapour should blow away in the breeze. If...
  14. Wrenchgear

    Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    I don't want to hijack this thread because there is another thread with this discussion going on. I agree that something needed to be done for the booking process, but I think they missed the mark. I haver struggled for getting sites and dates that I've wanted over the last few years, but we...
  15. Wrenchgear

    New Ontario Parks length of stay rules

    Not at all. We quite often camp for 21-22 nights on the same site at our favorite park, spanning from July into Aug. That park is about a 6 1/2 hrs drive from here, so a week is just a waste of time. We used to go there for 9 days about 20 years ago, but now I can't go there for anything less...
  16. Wrenchgear

    Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi Nicole. Welcome to the Portal from just down the 401 in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Great to have you join the club. Lots of great info here to help your with your repairs. Unfortunately, Ontario Parks just pulled a fast one on us this week and greatly reduced the amount of days you are able...
  17. Wrenchgear

    Pre Planning 2023 Ontario Summer Rally.

    Well Snow, ... all I can say is that you did put a bunch of work into the summer rallies, and it is all very appreciated, Thanks! I remember all the door prizes, and you trying to get them from sponsors, etc. I went out a few years and picked out a few camping items to contribute to the prize...
  18. Wrenchgear

    Should I set it on bricks for the winter?

    I also agree with the 'not jacking it at the corners'. The frames of these things are not very strong and you could bend something on there. I have a Rockwood 1910, thats a 10 ft box with a 2 foot storage on the front. I used to jack it up by the axle and slide some big pieces of 6x6 under the...
  19. Wrenchgear

    200 miles in and some weather stripping fails.

    See that the front of the roof is pulled down tight onto the top of the box. The seal in there should be half squished while latched down. If its not, you could try and give the latches a few spins to have them pull down harder on the roof.
  20. Wrenchgear

    Cant close PUP with 2" topper...

    We have a 3 inch topper for ours. Same thing here, I can't close the top down if it is on the bed. So I always pull it off the bed and lay it out fully on the dinette area just before I push the bed end in. The bed clears the topper fine, and its back to regular latching down. Its a bit of a...