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    Conventional Pop-Up Versus A-Frame

    Aliner Classic with dormers is over 1700lbs unloaded. Your only option for space and low weight is, as you already know, a small conventional popup.
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    Time for new cushions ...

    We replaced our Aliner’s foam from They have every type and softness you can think of. We went with their recommendation of “EverFlex™ V34 Medium foam, as a bottom foam, Thickness: 4 in” Since we use the dinette for sitting and sleeping it had to be suitable for both. We’ve...
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    Another Yellowstone Camping Question and also GTN, Glacier, Banff and Jasper

    Last year we camped in Dubois as base for both GT And Yellowstone. Not by choice but due to flood closures in Yellowstone. Not hard to do GT from Dubois but it was a long day to get in just a little of Yellowstone. Fortunately much has been repaired now. We’d like to go again and actually...
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    Best Generator for Pop up.

    We have settled on a Dual fuel Champion 2500 watt inverter generator. Model is 100899. We were using two Honda 2000 gens before. We only use propane in the Champion so we don’t have smelly gas and clogged fuel systems anymore. I believe the Hondas weighed about 48 lbs each. Our...
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    "South Texas"

    The Texas Piney Woods of tall trees end at I-45. Most parts west of Houston are not tall wooded areas. You shouldn’t have much trouble in west Texas finding a solar suitable campsite. Also Enchanted Rock does not have trailer camping. Stay elsewhere and climb the rock on a reserved day...
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    "South Texas"

    Garner State Park near Uvalde is one of the most popular parks in your viewing zone. Reservations open 5 months out and go super fast.
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    Travelling long distances with camper?

    Hate paying fees but we use KOA’s for overnight stops in route. Pretty easy to make reservations and can be cancelled for a small fee if plans change. Most are easy in and out and their website works pretty good.
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    Tire balancing

    We get ours balanced when purchased from Discount Tires as part of install. Road gives our trailer plenty of vibration already so by not adding out of balance tires, maybe our microwave etc won’t work itself out of the cabinet. We currently have 14” Goodyear Endurance tires on our trailer...
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    Suggestions on light weight couples travel trailers?

    We’ve been thinking of going to R-Pod 189. 3000 lbs unloaded. Has a rear sofa tv viewing setup, dry bath, queen bed and a kitchen slide-out. What it doesn’t have is the ability to walk around the bed. The dinette is a folding table in front of the sofa. The sofa folds out into a bed...
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    1998 Coachman clipper 1275ST electrical problems

    Also check the negative post on the battery. It should be grounded to the frame of the trailer. I’ve had two different trailers where the connection was loose or corroded and had wacky 12v electrical issues.
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    Small pump for shower

    We use a 12v Harbor Freight pump. Attach a garden hose to the intake and drop the other end into our shower tub. To prevent dirt clogging the pump, we zip tied a small square of screening over the hose end. After pumping out the tub, use a paper towel to wipe off the screen end. Has...
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    1Lb propane tanks

    We have 5 Flameking refillables. Store where they stay dry. No problems using them. Only place we found a recycle station for disposables was at Rock Mountain National Park. Don’t like having to dispose of them in general trash. Refillables for small needs and we carry an extra 11lb...
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    Blackstone, bbq’s or campfire cooking?

    After about a dozen mediocre grills over the years, we tried a Blackstone 17. Still not right for us. We now use. Weber Q1200 propane grill for all outside cooking. Finally a keeper! We did buy a set of Weber griddle plates that we carry for when we need a griddle but usually never pull...
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    Small generator

    It comes with the connection hose that fits a 1lb disposable tank. You can buy a steel braided hose from ALP to connect the bulk tank for about $22 although any 1lb to bulk tank conversion hose on Amazon will work. A 1lb tank I believe is good for about 5 hours. We carried a 11lb shorty...
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    Small generator

    It’s a great little generator. Small, lightweight and clean since no gas involved. Only ran it a couple of times before selling but started right up and was quiet. When Champion came out with a lightweight dual fuel 2500 watt that would run our a/c, the ALP became a spare so we sold it.
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    Small generator

    ALP makes a 1000watt inverter generator that only runs on propane. You can run it for hours on a green disposable propane bottle of connect it to a bigger tank. Small and lightweight to handle and use. We sold our ALP because we wanted a generator that would run our a/c.
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    Small generator

    We have a Champion Gen 2500 model #100899. Dual fuel and we always run it on propane as we carry that anyway for the trailer, grill and fire pit. No messy gas to haul around and go stale in the generator. This model is only 39lbs and compact enough to fit in the trunk of our truck. It...
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    Towing - check your owners manual!

    Yep, transmission, differential and transfer case all change to about half the mileage on my Honda Ridgeline.
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    1500w inverter on TV - use/application ideas?

    We tried our Honda’s 100w while driving plug to power our 12v cooler. We plug our Jackery 500 into the truck and then the cooler into the Jackery. This setup gave us continuous power to the cooler whether the engine was running or not. Worked well until it got hot outside. The Jackery...
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    A Liner manuals (source) has a lot of how to’s on different things. You don’t need to be a member to access the DYI and tips pages.