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    Coleman Sante Fe Inside ceiling repairs

    I had a similar pup that I re-did the outside and inside roof - not a fun job. Do you know if the side panels and end panels were replaced before the new roof was installed? I would check those to make sure - they are usually particle board. ALL of mine were rotted or at least partially rotted...
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    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    For breakfast - egg and bacon burritos!
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    Upcomming Meal Plans? All ideas welcome

    I do the same - but I make a turkey chili instead of beef. I freeze single servings in zip loc baggies. One thing I make is basic ramen noodles but use only part of the seasoning packet - I pre cut stuff like green onion, shredded carrots, mushrooms, asparagus, zucchini- you name it - you can...
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    canvas cleaning

    We used Mold Armor spray - green spray bottle from Walmart - I believe it was in the Automotive department. Home Depot also carries it in gallons. We had gray canvas where a roof leak had occurred - prior owner had not repaired it so it had sat for years and gotten literally BLACK in several...
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    Trashy State Park

    We have been out several times this year - mostly National Forest and 1 state park - TN and NC. There were Several bear proof trash receptacles In the parks and 1 large recycle “dumpster”. We saw no trash anywhere - BUT there were 2 couples that were camp hosts and they literally worked their...
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    We had a 1997 Dutchman that had a cassette toilet/shower combo - absolutely loved it- you just pulled the cassette tank out and took it to the toilet or dump station without having to drive the trailer up there. We had a grey water tank on board, but I usually chose to collect that in a 8 gal...
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    In Asheville NC
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Yeah, first thing the wife ask to see was the toilet area - and I must admit that was the main reason - beside the huge space- that WE bought it. LOVE the cassette toilet/shower combos!
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Yeah, and I had just installed an older Coleman 13000 btu on it the week before - what a difference - kinda wish now I hadn’t sold it - but I have a smaller molded fiberglass camper and the setup and maintenance on it are almost non- existent- hard for me to deal with the large popup anymore -...
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    Pop ups are hot right now!

    Hi all - haven’t post much lately - and haven’t used my popup for well over a year so decided to sell - 1997 Dutchmen 1204 with Cassette toilet shower combo and older Coleman AC on the roof. Camper was in great shape except for - you guessed it - the roof - with ABS pebble look roof. I...
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    Gorilla Glue Crystal Clear Tape

    There is Sikaflex caulk at Homedepot in the roofing department - about half the cost of Dicor - I used it 2 yrs ago to caulk - worked as good as Dicor.
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    07 Fleetwood Avalon surprise

    ill Check tomorrow to see if I have any photos and post them.
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    07 Fleetwood Avalon surprise

    Sorry I don’t. When you start tearing into the old luan you won’t be able to get all of it out - I ended up leaving a thin layer that was just STUCK. Check your roof sides on driver and passenger. Chances are if it’s leaking it will be around/under the trim along the sides of the roof. My...
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    Camping Near Gorges State Park

    If you stay at Black Forest and like to golf, there’s a Really nice little Par 3 18 hole golf course just up the road a little - Sherwood Forest. They have great rates, twilight rates, regular carts and decent pull carts. Usually can see lots of wildlife (even deer) on the greens. The manager...
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    07 Fleetwood Avalon surprise

    Hi - I just repaired the roof, sidewalls and ceiling on a 1997 Dutchman Filon roof Camper that had several spots damaged on the ceiling. I discovered that most of the damage was from rotted sidewalls that were almost completely rotted - replaced those with 2 pieces of marine plywood cut and...
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    A Decision to Make...

    I bought a Dutchman with damaged sideboards. I did one side at a time. Raised the roof, removed the curtains, dropped the canvass (still on the rail), put two sawhorses in to hold the roof up, then lowered the roof down on them. (Cover the beds and canvass first) Removed the trim on the...
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    New to PUP

    Hi all - Sharon here, just wanted to say hi - been lurking around for a while trying to get information on my camper I just bought (a 1996 Dutchman 1204). My hubby and I love to camp, kayak, and hike. This seems to be a great site for information on all popups and I'm glad I found it. I know...