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    Does size matter to you?

    That's what I have!
  2. bearman512

    Does size matter to you?

    We have a 26' 5er that DW and I researched for almost a year and found that this rear kitchen with slide was ideal for the boondocking we do the lowest point is the step well behind the rear axle and that is over 18". None of our plumbing is below the frame except the black/grey connector that...
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    Advice on how to find dispersed camping in MN

    * How do I find suitable land to camp on? We have been doing the dispersed camping thing lately due to the silliness going on. I have been using Outly and Google Maps lately, just make sure you download the satellite view map. Outly will show you all...
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    Best solar panels and inverter for no hookup

    Slowcarfast the PV is good but you will never be able to justify a MPPT controller on such a small system. Just put a Renogy Wanderer 10Amp PWM controller for under $20 you can purchase a Bluetooth...
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    Costco battery

    Did you disconnect the battery when not in use and did you keep it charged over the winter months?
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    12 V Fridge/Freezer

    18qt is as small as you can go with a 12v compressor fridge/freezer which will set you back about 5-6 Benjamin's! They draw very little ah but you would need at minimum group 27/31 and 100 watts of solar to run it. I recommend if you go this route just get a cheap Costway sold on Amazon and not...
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    Lithium Batteries

    If they have a good BMS installed you can draw these batteries down to 10% with no damage and they actually like this. I have a 125 ah Torque 12v battery that has a internal BMS and it is a drop in battery. It actually has a top ah charge of 136 after charge is complete. I have 750 watts of 24v...
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    Who still makes Pop Ups?

    Well I guess you already answered your question! Good luck with your quest! If you find something more accurate please let us know.
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    Who still makes Pop Ups?

    Here is a great place to start your research.
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    Running A/C on Battery

    WOW Byn2ools I think you stepped on the cats tail. LOL You are exactly right BikeNFish. There are bunches of folks doing this now on larger class A and 5th wheels as solar has come leaps and bounds in the past 10 years. One primary ingredient is a 100 amp MPPT solar charge controller for...
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news SuperYooper but the OnStar WiFi Hotspot is not OnStar. OnStar equipment provides a WiFi Hotspot possibly proprietary to AT&T similar to a smart phone only it has a small booster. It's like any of the Cell boosters requiring at least 1 bar of reception from a...
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    Sounds like you had some fun while working. We are headed to the Tucson area next week for some glamping in the 5th wheel. April we are going to get lost in the Gila National primitive camping with 4Runner and tent. This picture taken after a controlled burn.
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    Agree with all good luck!
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    Off WiFi I have been using the weBoost Drive 4G-X RV With a 18' pole. Works great on 4g
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    Roy, Dan is somewhat correct when only a cell connection is available as you can get higher hotspot speeds by requesting it but that will cost you more $ monthly and the standard is 25 Mbps on 4g with 5g providing you are able to get 5g requiring a 5g phone you will get as a minimum up to 150...
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    Roy I have a few questions before I can assist with this. 1. What make model is the router as it will make a difference. 2. What is the distance to the PUP. 3. Internet speed in the house to the tablet. 4. How many devices are on and connected to the WIFI at any given time. I have been down this...
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    Good Problem to Have...Where to go in June of 2020

    June in NM is prime boon-docking in the National forests here if you have questions on where to go PM me.
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    so Thanksgiving camping must not be as popular as I imagined!

    We actually left Thanksgiving morning headed for Lost Dutchman SP I-40 was snow-packed and icy until just west of Grants. We arrived at LDSP without incident. That evening we had 67 mph gusts that rocked the camper so bad at times we didn't get much sleep not to mention the 6 tents that where in...
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    Lithium Ion Batteries

    Have a Torque Power 125 AH from $799. You CAN use them with your onboard converter these batteries are designed to be drop in as long as it throws 14+ volts at it it will charge fine.
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    Cellphone antenna

    I us a 18' pool cleaner pole $25 will get you another 2+ bars. You also need to know where the cell tower is as you have a directional antenna that needs to be adjusted for maximum reception.