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    Dometic 8501 refrigerator not working on propane

    Further information…. Here is the Dometic schematic - note that the wire colors are different on each end. The GFA end is positionally correct and I read ~1.5V across pins 7 and 6 which leaves pin 5 as the fault line going back to the main control board. That one reads ~.43V, same as the...
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    Dometic 8501 refrigerator not working on propane

    No rollout switch on this one that I could see. I will look further. Like I said, it works in service mode but in regular mode never starts and throws the fault light immediately. Thanks for your comment.
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    Dometic 8501 refrigerator not working on propane

    I have a ‘09 Fleetwood Avalon that has the Dometic RM 8501 3-way refrigerator installed. It works on AC and DC (verified by switching modes and looking at current draw) but not on propane. It has the MES control panel (manual energy selection) and when I switch to propane, the propane and...
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    Sssslloooowww lift motor

    Couple of things in addition to the link that was mentioned by Warfarin… Mid 2000’s Coleman/Fleetwood was experiencing burnout of the control module when hooked to shore power. The lift motor does draw quite a bit of current and when the unit is hooked to shore power, after a bit the charger...
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    2007 Fleetwood Niagara Power Lift Current Limiter

    The PO of my Avalon had the same issue, also replaced the current limiter only to find out he had a bad ground. All things 12VDC on the camper when they start going south, make sure the connections to the battery are good, the wiring to the device are good, and the ground is good.
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    Weight distribution Town and Country

    I have a ‘12 T&C. Make sure your camper frame can handle the WDH before you go that direction. I put in air bags in the coils on the back end to resolve the tongue weight issue. Load balancing will take care of the rest so a WDH is not necessary. I pull an ‘07 Bayside (a.k.a. Swayside) and...
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    handrail for entry/exit of popup

    It comes with 4 screws ~2” long. I put some 2x4 in between the side wall and the skin to run the screws into on the Avalon. I don’t remember what I did for the bayside - there may have been some cabinet frame that I tied it into. Just fastening them on to the skin is not enough to bear any...
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    handrail for entry/exit of popup

    I put one of these on my Bayside. Just fit and works well. It provides a solid hold and then also built a step below the existing one as when I did the axle flip, the first step was too high. I was able to get at the back side of the trailer skin and put blocking in to support the handle...
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    Anyone try one of these backup cameras?

    Mainly for backing into the site. I bought a HW trailer and the visibility is reduced from the other camper. On the other camper I did wire in a backup camera what was wireless (4 years ago), but the reception is sketchy because of where the antennas were mounted and the technology at the...
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    Anyone try one of these backup cameras?

    Anyone try one of these? One of the handy things is that it is movable...
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    February 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Been working to get the NTM Avalon into camping shape. I had to do a bit of rebuild on the couch end since the couch did not flatten out and go back into the bench seat as it should. The top of the slide out table delaminated so I repurposed a piece of 3/4" oak ply for a new table, took off...
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    Cracked free water tank drain fitting

    I have the PVC MPT and elbow, straight piece, and ball adapter already built - broke off part of the FPT fitting on the tank when installing which is causing the conundrum. Do you know of any adhesives that will bond the pvc MPT into the tank spud?
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    Cracked free water tank drain fitting

    Well, sometimes you take two steps forward, then one step back. While draining my fresh water tank in anticipation of putting on an extension and valve on the road side of the camper, I cracked the fitting for the drain on the bottom of the tank. There are maybe 2 threads left that did not...
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    Circuit FL2 Lighting Blowing Fuse

    Having just bought a 09 Avalon and troubleshot a light that was not working, look for signs of corrosion in each of the lights. If a fuse blows, there is a short to ground. Maybe take out all of the light bulbs and reconnect to see if it blows a fuse. If not, then install the bulbs one by one...
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    Everyone Needs a Spotter

    I have my spotter (kids or wife) follow the rules: 1) Only one spotter visible to me either in the mirror or direct in the line of sight 2) Call out “driver” side or “passenger” side 3) Call out feet or inches to go and when close use the hands to indicate the distance (just like they do on the...
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    Tire balancing

    I just did that today on a pair and the spare… we or rather had the store do it. Based on the weights on the rim, glad I did.
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    January 2023 - what did you do for your camper?

    Bought a NTM 09 Avalon recently … and the mods and updates start….. bought it because of the enclosed bathroom amongst other things. 3rd owner, the first one only took it out once, and the second one used it less than 10 times. It is in really good overall shape for its age. Before bringing...
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    Electric lift not responding

    This is not the case for this lift motor but when a camper has been in storage for more than a year it is good practice to check your continuity to ground. I have seen that mess with the DC system on campers and the external lights as well.
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    HW trailer leveling

    For those with HW trailers with tandem axels, what is your preferred means of leveling? 2 BALs, 2 Anderson types of wedges, or what?
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    Fleetwood/Coleman entry door panel replacement

    That is the right part but is for the top of the door, not the bottom.